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    Seniors kick off the school year at Cisco’s

    Seniors are marking their calendars with special events that are paving the way toward graduation.

    Jaime Faucher, Coordinator for Transitional and Leadership Development Programs coordinating the senior programs for the class of 2014.

    Faucher jumpstarted the senior programs with a senior welcome back lunch that took place on Sept. 2. Seniors enjoyed a free lunch from In-N-Out before the start of the school year.

    “The lunch was a good opportunity to get everybody together right at the beginning of the year,” said senior Kelly DeRose.

    The Registrar office was also present in order to affirm who is on course for graduation. They also reminded students that seniors are required to pay an Application for Degree fee of $75, which will go toward a diploma and first official transcript.

    Beginning Oct. 1, there will be a $25 additional late fee for seniors who have missed priority deadline.

    Students also checked in with the Annual Fund office to donate to their class.

    According to DeRose, having the offices present gave everybody an opportunity to get their t-shirts and make donations.

    Senior Andrew Dowling, explained how the setup helped fellow seniors handle any academic issues. Seniors could get the information they needed regarding their road to graduation and solve any misunderstandings.

    Separate groups of seniors plan the senior socials for their fellow classmates. Faucher oversees the process, but the seniors are in charge of executing the program.

    The social programs are normally a four hour period at an off-campus location where seniors can enjoy foodand win prizes.

    “It’s a great way, and it’s an easy way to get them all together a few last times before they graduate from CLU,” said Faucher.

    The first senior social event took place at Cisco’s Mexican Restaurant on  Sept. 11.

    According to DeRose, a mass amount of seniors showed up to the gathering to enjoy happy hour and food.

    The fall semester will have one senior social every month. Programs will be at places such as PJ’s Pub and Grill, Mermaid Tavern, and a local bowling alley.

    “Get ready CLU.  I feel like we’re all really excited about it and we’re all bonding a lot already,” said Derose.  “There’s going to be a lot of spirit.”


    Savannah Robinson
    Staff Writer
    Published Sept. 18, 2013