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    Apple downgrades image with 5c

    On Sept. 10, CEO Tim Cook of Apple, Inc. revealed a new generation of the iPhone to the public. Unlike in the past, Apple has decided to reveal two different iPhone models, compared to their older marketing strategy of only one. This year, Cook revealed the iPhone 5s and the iPhone 5c.

    The biggest difference between the 5s and the 5c comes down to its design. The iPhone 5s follows the same standard as all its S-series predecessors. There has been an updated iOS and an incorporated finger print scanner that has replaced the home button. The smart phone is still designed out of glass and metal, but now offers three different colors: black, silver and gold.

    The 5c, however, has a slightly different design. Apple has been hesitant to follow the path of competitors in designing phones while incorporating more plastic into their models. The iPhone 5c is designed with a range of different colored plastic backs and has the same operating system as the iPhone 5.

    With this offer of two different models of iPhones, it leads to the recognition of Appleโ€™s marketing against competitors.

    โ€œItโ€™s brilliant, itโ€™s what people want,โ€ junior Abhi Valdehi said. โ€œPeople donโ€™t like a lot of change. Thatโ€™s what Apple has been doing for years since the first iPhone.โ€

    The 5s is still a standard price for an iPhone with a two-year contract. However, the 5c is offered at $99 for a 16GB iPhone.

    โ€œWhatโ€™s key for Apple in the future is allowing more diversification of their product so that it meets more target audiences,โ€ said Ryan Medders, professor of communications at California Lutheran University. โ€œThe target market or target audience was limited with just one flagship model. This cheaper but high quality iPhone 5c allows more people to enter into the market for an iPhone.โ€

    Apple has always been a part of the elitist group, promoting their products only to the people who can afford them. It has, in a sense, been both a part of their success, but also their ruin. They have been able to produce simple and innovative technological instruments.

    However, their stubborn attitude to not be a cross-platform company, like the Microsoft Corp, has only led to them playing the catch up game in their production and functionality.

    It is impossible to say that Apple is not innovative. The company has always been on the cusp of revolutionizing the way technology is used.

    โ€œ[Apple] take different ideas from different people and make better concepts with those ideas,โ€ Valdehi said.

    And this is very true with 5s. The 5s is supposed to change user experience through the finger print reader.

    โ€œThe big new product really is the finger print reader – using that as a passcode for purchases as well as unlocking the phone,โ€ Medders said. It takes a step outside the regular smart phone functions and adds its own unique addition to the market.

    However, the innovative nature of the 5c is not so high. It would appear that the path they are following is toward making cheaper phones to a different demographic.

    โ€œI feel like itโ€™s very focused on younger audiences. I couldnโ€™t imagine myself owning a colorful phone. I would rather just get a case,โ€ Senior Karoline Navarsete said.

    The 5c has been marketed as almost a toy compared to the shadow of the 5s. If creating a colorful, plastic smart phone is the next logical step for Apple, it would appear that they are appealing to the masses, instead of maintaining theirย  elite image.


    Jordan Oram
    Staff Writer
    Published Sept. 25, 2013