Fitness Center challenges students

Starting on September 30, the Forrest Fitness Center will hold monthly fitness challenges for students looking to improve their overall physique.

Senior Isaac Arias is in charge of the program.

“October’s challenge is push-ups,” Arias said.  “We will have preliminary rounds where students will perform as many push-ups as they can until failure.”

His student staff at the Forrest Fitness Center will write down the information of the participant and the number of repetitions they did.

Students will then have three weeks to train and improve.

Senior  Chris Vilter is looking forward to the challenge.

“I think it’s nice that CLU has these types of programs for us,” Vilter said.  “This type of program will be a fun way for students to get off the couch and get fit.”

The last week of October will be the final round where students will see how much they have improved.

“The winners (one boy and one girl) will be chosen based on who did the most pushups and by who improved the most. An average will be taken of the two categories and the winners selected based on their average,” Arias said.

Each winner will receive a gift card of $25 to Sports Chalet.

“I think it’s great CLU is offering something new at the gym,” said junior Shane Thompson.  “Having prizes as an incentive is motivating.”

All students are welcome  to participate and Arias hopes they get a high number of participants.

This same type of challenge has become popular among other gyms around the Thousand Oaks area, including Gold’s Gym.  According to the gym, they have helped 3.5 million members lose an estimated 188,288 pounds  and 122,899 inches in 12 weeks.

According to Gold’s Gym, cash prizes for the winners of their challenge total $75,000.

For more information, call the Forrest Fitness Center at 805-493-3275.


Zachary Kaija
Staff Writer
Published Sept. 25, 2013