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Louisiana pastor shot, killed

Pastor Ronald Harris was shot twice on Sept. 27, during his evening sermon in Lake Charles, La. CNN reported that 53-year-old Woodrow Karey is currently under arrest after confessing. The first shot, occurring at 8:20 p.m. CT, was fired as Karey walked into the Tabernacle of Praise Worship Center. This was followed by a second shot after Harris had fallen to the floor. Although the motive for killing the pastor is unknown and Karey does not have any criminal history, the police are holding the weapons, and the bond is set at $1 million.

Nonprofit changes project

Many Mansions, a nonprofit home builder, has decided to stop it’s project to build an apartment complex for low-incom senior citizens on E. Hillcrest Drive. The Thousand Oaks Acorn reports that, due to serious upset within the community, Many Mansions has decided to look elsewhere for a location to build the complex. Neighborhood residents weren’t upset with the project, on the contrary, they fully support Many Mansions and the idea behind it. Concerns about increased traffic congestion, an excess of affordable housing and zone changes to the community were all issues that were brought up. The Acorn said that community members, like Lori Shocket, were happy their voices were heard and that Many Mansions ended its plans.

 Reign of Terror comes to Janss 

The Janss Marketplace will continue its annual tradition of the Reign of Terror Haunted House starting Oct. 4. This 12 night event, which The Acorn reports as one of top 10 haunted houses in the U.S., has a variety of areas for all ages. Drawing visitors from around Southern California, the Reign of Terror is a 65-room haunted house. Gen-eral admission tickets are $15, children’s area tickets are $5 for children and free for accompanying adults. The proceeds will be donated to the Conejo Recreation and Park District with a portion going toward the Thousand Oaks Teen Center and the Young Artists Ensemble. To learn more about show times, visit


Car bomb kills 33 in Pakistan 

NBC World News reported that just a week after a church bomb killed more than 80 people, the same Pakistani city was struck again by a car bomb. A busy market in the city of Peshawar was the center of the attack. At least 33 people were killed, including six women and four children. Over 75 people were injured and many shops were . No one has claimed responsibility for the attack, but violence has become more common, especially in Peshawar. The increase in violence may be due to Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif holding peace talks with the Taliban, who are unhappy with Pakistan’s constitution.

Armed officers placed in school 

On Sept. 27, the Department of Justice announced its plan to give $45 million to place armed police officers in schools throughout the U.S. According to Fox News, the Obama administration is funding officers for 356 schools to help students feel and be safe at school. The decision was made in response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School incident, which killed 20 children and six staff members. According to Fox News, “the committee has said its goal is to have the full-time presence of one police officer and at least one trained security officer at each school building during regular school hours.” It is expected to come into effect shortly after schools’ winter breaks.


Danya Migdali
Staff Writer
Published Oct. 2, 2013