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Breast cancer medical discoveries
There are seven new medical breakthroughs for women fighting for their lives against breast cancer. Doctors said that breast cancer used to be treated as one disease, but there are actually 10 different diseases under this one type of cancer, said Jame Abraham, M.D, FACP, director of the breast oncology program at the Taussig Cancer Institute, Cleveland Clinic.  According to Yahoo! Health, the 7 breakthroughs are pills used to prevent breast cancer, the first drug for early stage breast cancer, 3-D Mammograms, more accurate breast cancer diagnosis, a high tech gene test to predict risk of recurrence, a vaccine against breast cancer, and new weapons against triple negative breast cancer.

Government shuts down
Republicans and Democrats of Congress have been unable to come to an agreement.  This has led to the shutdown of government agencies, which began on Oct. 1. According to the Los Angeles Times, the two issues that the parties cannot agree on are “funds to keep government agencies running and the need by Oct. 17 to raise the limit on the government’s ability to borrow money.” National Economic Council Director Gene Sperling said that President Obama is willing to negotiate as long as the Republican party leaders  agree to remove the threat of  default.  During a visit to Federal Emergency Management Agency, Obama said, “Just vote. Let every member of Congress vote their conscience, and they can determine whether or not they want to shut the government down.”

Plane crashed in Santa Monica
A plane carrying four passengers crashed at the Santa Monica Airport on Sept. 29.  According to officials, there were no hopes for any survivors. The jet ran off the runway and its right side hit a storage hangar that immediately set both objects into flames. The hangar collapsed, making it impossible and unsafe for any firefighters to get into the plane to save possible survivors, according to the Los Angeles Times.   The investigation of the crash is currently paused due to the federal government shutdown.  According to the Times, The National Transportation Safety Board has moved the wreckage to a secure site for storage until the investigation resumes.

US discusses Irani nuclear bomb
U.S. President Barack Obama and Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani met in New York to discuss problems related to Iran’s nuclear program, according to the BBC. “We support the government’s diplomatic drive, including the New York trip, because we trust the administration, which is dedicated to serving [the people]and we are optimistic about it,” Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader, said in a speech.  He later said, “Some of the things that happened during the New York trip were not appropriate because we believe that the U.S. government is untrustworthy, arrogant and irrational and one that reneges on its promises.”


Erin Chisolm
Staff Writer
Published Oct. 9, 2013