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    Paul Hartmann making his visions a reality

    As a freshman at California Lutheran University, Paul Hartmann did not plan on taking the ideas he had to improve the school, and putting them into action.

    However, as the new coordinator for recreational sports, Hartmann now has the opportunity to take the vision he saw for CLU as a student and apply it as an employee.

    After receiving his bachelorโ€™s degree in exercise science with an emphasis in teaching and pedagogy in 2010 from CLU, Hartmann received his masterโ€™s degree at California University of Pennsylvania, in exercise science. Growing up in Tucson, Ariz., he decided in 2006 to attend CLU to play baseball because he liked the facilities, friendly atmosphere and comfort level on campus.

    Before working at CLU, Hartmann was a personal trainer in Westlake Village, Calif. at Elite Fitness Plus. He trained clients, handled the facility operations and maintained the equipment.

    He used his background this summer when developing changes for the Forrest Fitness Center.

    Noticing that it had not changed since he was a freshman in 2006, he decided it needed a better layout with more space for people during peak hours. One of the changes made by Hartmann taking down a major wall in the gym and bringing in more training equipment.

    โ€œWe monitored the equipment and saw what the students werenโ€™t using, then got rid of them to make more space. We rearranged all the equipment to maximize floor space so people could do more workouts involving free weights as opposed to machines,โ€ said Isaac Arias, intern for the Forrest Fitness Center.

    Hartmann also oversees the Intramural Sports and Outdoor Recreation Program. The Outdoor Recreation Program plans various trips for students to go off-campus and try new activities.

    โ€œWe want to provide a path for students to get away from campus, to experience new adventures and new activities theyโ€™ve never done before, like kayaking, surfing, white water rafting,โ€ Hartmann said.

    โ€œPaulโ€™s a go with the flow guy. I get to spend so much time with him outside of school on the outdoor recreation trips. Itโ€™s cool to be in all different types of environments with a boss like that,โ€ said Zack McMillen, intern for Recreational Sports.

    Hartmann has also made many developments to the Intramural Program.

    Statistics are now being recorded at each flag football game. At the end of the season, there will be various awards, such as a male and female most valuable player and most touchdowns scored.

    โ€œIt adds a new competitive edge and gets other people interested now that there is an incentive,โ€ Hartmann said.

    In the spring 2014, the Forrest Fitness Center will collaborate with CLUโ€™s Wellness Programs to have a biggest loser competition for students, faculty and staff. It will be a 10-week program where groups of people can sign up. They will have a coach who will motivate them, but will not be allowed to help them through exercises. Prizes will be awarded for participation, most body fat percentage loss and biggest weight loss.

    โ€œItโ€™s not just about fitness, but healthy living and a healthy lifestyle,โ€ Hartmann said.


    Caitlin Dimmitt
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 16, 2013