Republicans’ failure to compromise leads to government shutdown

The government shutdown has lead me to doubt the stability of our government that America desperately relies on. Health care is not affecting the law that needs to be passed on Oct. 17 to raise the countries credit debt, but is only an issue because it’s a bargaining chip for the Republicans to remove the Affordable Healthcare Act from action. Is that really worth the integrity of our country?

800,000 furloughed government employees are anxiously awaiting the day they are eligible to go back to work while the other 3.3 million government workers are listed “essential” and are currently working without pay until further notice.

“For the first three days of the shutdown we were working as usual without really knowing if we were actually going to get paid,” said Matthew Gallinot, seasonal firefighter in Frasier Park. “As a helitack crew on the forest service, we were listed as “essential” and were instructed to shut down a few parks near our station, but other than that, our daily routine continues with the same activities.”

Yet, even though those that are directly working for the government are not being paid, the president, House of Representatives, and Senate’s pay goes un-affected. The House and Senate are both protected under the 27th amendment which prevents any change in their pay which is unfair because now they have no incentive to come to an agreement.

“The shutdown is an effort by a small cluster of republican members to show their districts that they are committed to stopping Obamacare,” said Jose Marichal, who has a doctorate degree from the University of Colorado, Boulder. “Government shutdowns are not all that uncommon, but they do cause real pain for people who depend on government services.”

Before the ACA, people that were uninsured would go to the emergency room for a common cold when they needed to be treated. Unfortunately, when the patient was unable to pay the total, insurance’s would get the hit with the cost.

President Barack Obama will not negotiate the ACA. However, the Republicans are using the ACA as a bargaining chip because the Democrats need the country’s federal debt ceiling to be raised. The Republicans need to act on the debt by Oct. 17th, so if there is no compromise, the government shutdown is expected to last at least that long.

“I think that if the elected officials weren’t so bi partisan than things would actually get accomplished in a timely manner,” said Patrick Salter, a CLU student that wants a solution fast.

According to CBS, congressional democrats will not cave on this matter. “The people spoke on healthcare when they elected Mr. Obama in 2008 and again in 2012,” said Sen. John McCain.

The Democrats’ defense is that the ACA will prevent pre-existing medical conditions from being denied health insurance. They also say that the law is going to expand access to health care and it will significantly lower the rising cost of coverage. The Republicans’ fight back saying they believe it is detrimental to our country and found the only way to fight it is to shut down the government.

Why shouldn’t every person in America have the right to some form of insurance? The Republicans are being arrogant by shutting down the government. Our country is already in debt and the shutdown could destroy our government funds. The shutdown should never have been an option and needs to come to an end before our government truly tanks.


Erin Chisolm
Staff Writer
Published Oct. 23, 2013