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    New curriculum planned for the spring semester

    With half of fall semester over, students are meeting with faculty advisors, searching for classes on Web Advisor and asking around for the best classes to take. That must mean one thing – it’s registration time.

    Registration begins Nov. 8 and runs until Nov. 15.

    Next semester, Jose Marichal, who has a doctorate in political science, will be offering a new 400 level class called American Political Institutions.

    “[This course] looks at the Congress, the presidency, the courts and political parties.  Basically, we look at why these institutions were formed, how they evolved historically and why they seem to be ‘messed up’ today,” Marichal said in an email interview.

    Other new classes that are available for the spring 2014 semester include Queer Theology with Peter Carlson, who has a doctorate in history of religion, and Elementary Italian I with adjunct professor Brittany Asaro.

    California Lutheran University will also be adding sports management as a new minor and an emphasis for the School of Business, which starts fall 2014. Program evaluation for the new minor is available on Web Advisor.

    “There’s a couple of courses that were created for the [minor], but most likely, it’s courses we already have like Sports Related Marking, Social Psychology of Sports, those are some of the option classes,” Associate Registrar Lorraine Purmort said.

    The Department of Theatre Arts is in the process of adding a dance minor to the theatre arts major, according to Purmort. This addition has been in the works for a year and it may be finalized in the future if it is passed.

    Registration can be stressful for some students as they worry about whether or not they can get into a class they need. However, registration is a lot easier at CLU compared to Moorpark College, according to senior transfer student Katie Ragusin.

    “At Moorpark, it’s a nightmare. It’s like ‘buying concert tickets’ scary. You have to be on at midnight when they open it up for you and everyone’s on at the same time and then you can see how many spots are left…it’s so nerve-wracking,” Ragusin said.

    Periodic system crashes didn’t help ease the stress that came with registering at Moorpark College either, Ragusin said.

    While registration time may not be as difficult at CLU, sophomore Tetteh Canacoo still has trouble choosing his classes. As a commuter, he has to pay close attention to the times classes are being offered.

    “I have to think about the gaps that I have between my classes. Sometimes, residents can quickly go to their dorms when they have an hour break or two hour break in between classes. But, I have to stay on campus in the library,” Canacoo said.

    For a relatively stress-free registration process, Purmort advises students to sign up for classes at their registered time and have a prepared class schedule with alternate classes in mind, just in case a certain class is unavailable.


    Alesandria Posada
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 30, 201