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    Rumors of frozen funds couldn’t keep Knights off the ice

    The California Lutheran University hockey club, the Knights, is looking forward to this year’s season. However, before the team could hit the ice, they encountered a minor speed bump.

    Because they included non-CLU players on the roster, the  team was not allocated its desired funding for the season, unless they agreed to amend the constitution. This amendment would allow non-CLU students to be on the team.

    “We were trying to figure out our situation as far as travel expenses and our overall budget for the season. It was brought to my attention we wouldn’t be able to receive those funds until we changed a rule in our constitution and made it legal for non-CLU student to participate with the team,” said senior player Antonio Foreman.

    “It was eventually determined that it was necessary that the hockey club’s constitution accurately reflected what was truly occurring,” said Jaime Faucher, coordinator for transitional and leadership development, in an email interview.

    The amended article in the hockey club constitution now reads, “This club shall be open to all students, alumni, staff, and faculty at California Lutheran University. The hockey club will also allow non-CLU student axillary players to fill spots on the club team to fill team roster on a need to need basis to accommodate league rules of a 20 player roster.”

    Rumors were circulating that the ASCLU-G Senate had frozen the team’s funds, which was not the case.

    “The senate doesn’t control funds,” said senior student senator Joette Carini.

    “Clubs and organizations submit their original budgets by our spring retreat at the end of the year so that newly elected senate members can allocate money to each club.   So, the senate has no power controlling funds, just giving them,” Carini said.

    With the amendment written and a unanimous vote by senate passing the bill, the team was able to add players who may not be CLU-affiliated to help fill the roster. These players come from schools such as California State University Channel Islands, Ventura College, Moorpark College and Pierce College, according to Foreman.

    “They’re all students enrolled in at least 9 units and guys I trust,” said Foreman of the non-CLU students. “I needed to be able to trust these guys to represent the university as if they did go here.”

    With the amendment approved and financial issues resolved, the Knights can now focus on what will be a competitive season, according to Foreman. They will be up against teams such as University of Southern California, University of California Santa Barbara, San Francisco State and Sacremento State to name a few.

    “The competition we will be facing this season is part of the reason we needed these guys from other schools,” Foreman said. “They will be able to add depth to our roster as well as help us win.”

    For information on the team, go to or visit the teams’ Facebook page at


    Kevin Post
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 30, 2013