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    CLU Career Services overflowing with job, internship opportunities

    Is graduation sneaking up on you? Do you need help with planning your future? Are you unsure of how to build a cover letter and resume? Look no further, Career Services provides exceptional support for California Lutheran University students and alumni.

    “Over 400 students a year do internships, and that is just what we have in our records. There are many more that may not report back to us,” said Career Services employee Cindy Lewis in an email.

    If you are freshman without a clue of what you want to spend the rest of your life doing or a senior with no job leads, Career Services will help you through all the major steps. CLU students have an incredible support team, most are just unaware of it. Career Services is striving to get students into their office so that they can help them with the necessary steps to success.

    Students sometimes don’t understand the preparation it takes to begin a job search, but Career Services is a short walk down Faculty Drive where students can get help with every step.

    It is not only careers that they are helping students with however, they also help students that are interested in graduate school pick a program that would best fit their needs. They provide assistance with the application process, writing essays and help with placement files free of charge.

    Career Services will run mock interviews with students to prepare them for the real interviews that they may have lined up. It can be beneficial for students so that they can better prepare themselves for some of the more difficult questions that may be asked in a job interview.

    “I found my two-year internship with the IRS through Career Services,” said senior Gabrielle Holguin.

    Career Services has internships and jobs that come through their office weekly. For juniors and seniors trying to get credit or experience to build their resume, Career Services adds 15-20 new internships weekly. The community around CLU looks to help students gain experience.

    “I only apply for jobs that I get through my weekly emails from Career Services. I started a job a few weeks ago that I found through my weekly emails that lead me to a finance job that I can now use to build my resume“ said junior Katelyn Phillips.

    At Career Services, students are able to build a profile and receive daily, weekly, or monthly email notifications about job and internship postings. The employees at Career Services are available to help CLU students, and they understand the competition that our generation faces with job applicants.

    On there are over 16,000 employer contacts that Career Services are affiliated with. There are also helpful links on the Career Services webpage that can easily help students find job opportunities if they are actively looking independently.

    “They send me weekly emails through about part time jobs and internships that keep me aware of the opportunities I have,” said junior Sandra Abarca.

    The opportunities are at Career Services, but it is up to the CLU students and alumni to reach out and seek help. They are open Mon-Fri from 8:45 a.m. – 4:45 p.m. in the Scandinavian Cultural Center.


    Erin Chisolm
    Staff Writer
    Published Oct. 30, 2013