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    Shedding Light On Katy Perry’s PRISM

    Katy Perry escapes candy land and finds the light in her new album “PRISM”.

    When we last saw Perry, it was the end of an era. The highly successful “Teenage Dream” album sucked out every last bit of its delicious candy-filled center, and Perry’s famous blue wig was finally taken off. Perry headed back into the studio to begin her third album with much to live up to.

    On Oct. 18 the “PRISM” album was released. The album includes empowering anthems, disco-pop jams and heartfelt ballads.  Perry even freshened up some genres that were growing dust.

    To start, Perry came out with the single “Roar”, an empowering pop anthem that doesn’t stray far from her “Teenage Dream” success. With its bouncy beat, clever lyrics, and childlike spirit, “Roar” made the top of the charts. However, Perry played it safe with a track that lacked any wow factor. Perry ultimately meows rather than roars in her comeback hit.

    “Legendary Lovers” is a mystical, Bollywood-style track that has Perry belting about a love to remember. Although the sound is ethnic and cool, the chorus isn’t very convincing. The song is more of a cheesy “Legen-wait for it-dary” Barney Stenson from “How I Met Your Mother” than the epic, legendary love of Romeo and Juliet.

    “Walking On Air” will perk up the ears of ‘90s kids with its ‘90s dance club style. “Dark Horse” is a trip-hop track with a swagged-out beat that features rapper Juicy J.

    Perry creates the memorable ‘80s-styled anthem, “This Moment.” “Yesterday is history / So why don’t you be here with me / All we have is this moment,” goes the chorus of Perry’s feel-good track.

    Similar to Hot Chelle Rae’s “I Like It Like That,” Perry delivers a fun-loving, head-bobbing party starter with “This Is How We Do.” Perry’s signature silly side comes out in this standout track. “Yo / This goes out to all you kids that still have their cars at the club valet / And it’s Tuesday,” she humors.

    Taking a hint from Daft Punk’s “Get Lucky”, Perry goes for funky guitar riffs and glorified disco-pop in the songs “Birthday” and “International Smile”. Perry wraps up a sexy birthday present in the shiny disco number “Birthday”, while “International Smile” tells of a globetrotting It Girl behind an infectious dance beat.

    Fans of “Wide Awake” will enjoy “Ghost” and “Love Me.” The airy tune “Ghost” reminisces on a former lover. “Love Me” is a buoyant ballad that reminds the listener to have self-love while in love with someone else.

    “Double Rainbow” and “Unconditionally” are solid ballads that find Perry joyfully in the arms of a new lover. “By The Grace Of God” is the most personal ballad of them all, where Perry recalls her divorce with Russell Brand. Accompanied by a melancholy melody, Perry reveals her desperate and even suicidal thoughts, but “With the Grace of God / I picked myself up,” she sings.

    “PRISM” is a solid pop album with some great standout tracks, but the pop star played it safe, making this a less noteworthy album.

    Tracks to check out: “International Smile,” “Walking On Air,” “Ghost,” “Birthday”


    Louie DeMetre
    Freelance Writer
    Published Nov. 12, 2013