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    Students to rock the campus

    It all starts with a simple melody. It could be strummed on a guitar or hummed through a microphone. It could be blasted through a PA system for a crowd to jam to or whispered through a set of headphones into the ears of a solo listener.

    That melody serves a purpose.  That very melody, which is echoing throughout the campus of California Lutheran University, shapes itself into a strong message. Now, that is what you call “Rocking the Campus.”

    Rock the Campus is nothing new to the CLU student body. In the past, the concert was originally held once a month and was meant to highlight the campus and give students the opportunity to show off their musical stylings.

    However, this year is different. Ottilie Yee, a senior representative and committee chair holder for ASCLU-G, has been taking the reins and getting the concert up and running once again. She has plenty of experience putting on events, having planned Movie Nights in the Park, Mr. Kingsman and the most recent Monte Carlo Night.

    ASCLU-G has put together similar events to Rock the Campus such as Hit the Lights, a Hurricane Sandy fundraiser, and Rock the Wish, a Make a Wish Foundation fund raiser. Yee and her fellow student government committee look to keep this giving attitude alive through music.

    “Last year we had Rock the Formal, which was in place of Rock the Campus,” Yee said. “This year we’re bringing [Rock the Campus] back. It’s the only one from this year and it features only student performers.”

    In the past, ASCLU-G has brought outside performers to these events such as bands like Van Iys and Capra. This year, Rock the Campus will feature only CLU bred talents in the forms of Tyler Lucas, Erica Weiner, Chartman, Kiersten Lopez, Dani Lindamood, Nolan Forghani and Abhi S.V.

    Abhi S.V., a multi-talented singer, rapper and producer, is prepared to take this campus to another musical level.

    “It gives me a chance to help people doing what I do on a daily basis. Music is my life and CLU events give me an opportunity to succeed in my field,” Abhi said.

    While past concerts were strictly formed for student’s to relax, let their hair down and enjoy some quality tunes from their fellow undergrads, this concert serves a unique purpose that makes it different from past years.

    “We are partnering with the Seeds for Haiti Club,” Yee said. “The funds raised from Rock the Campus will go toward the service projects for the club.”

    With a minimum donation of $5, ASCLU-G will sell bundle packages consisting of a T-shirt key chain and “seed bombs,” which have tiny seeds that are meant to be thrown on the ground, burst and eventually sprout plant life. Twenty of these 100 bundles have mystery gift cards inside them, ranging from places such as Sprinkles, Target, Starbucks, Pieology and much more.

    The concert will be on Nov. 15 from 8-10 p.m. at the Uyeno Amphitheater across from Overton Hall. There will be free food and beverages compliments of Pete’s Coffee. The show is free for CLU students with a school ID.


    Nicho Dellavalle
    Staff Writer
    Published Nov. 13, 2013