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    Library hosts de-stressing events

    With finals week around the corner, papers, tests, projects and presentations are beginning to pile up quickly and stress levels of many students are beginning to intensify.  Pearson Library is here to help California Lutheran University students with their “Release the Stress, Before the Test” events, which started Dec. 9 and will go through Dec. 13.

    Students will get the chance to take a break, receive a free massage, play with puppies, therapy dogs, a miniature horse and take part in a mini rave in the library.

    “These events are definitely beneficial to CLU students. We go crazy leading up to finals with studying and projects. I think we all need a little de-stressing every now and again,” said senior Chelsea Gutowski, a Pearson Library student assistant.

    The library started these events three years ago and has continued to provide CLU students with ways to de-stress in the fall and spring semesters.

    Jennifer Petersen, information specialist for the Pearson Library, is helping to coordinate these events because she remembers what it was like to be a college student during finals week.

    “We, at the library, notice that the stress level just shoots out of the roof about a week before finals,” Petersen said. “You can feel all the anxiety and tenseness. Our staff have all been students before and remembered what it was like to study for finals, so we came up with this idea and thought that it would be a great way to help students relieve some of that stress.”

    On Dec. 9, the first event began with free massages provided by A2Z Health Massage School from 2-5 p.m. CLU’s Graduate School of Education helped to provide the funds for the massage therapists to come and relieve some tension, making it free

    for students. The massages will continue the rest of the week, at the same time every day at the library. If students are interested in getting a free massage, they must sign up at the information commons desk in the library.

    “My favorite library event during the week are the massages that they give out. It’s a nice little break from the hectic nature of finals season to take some time to relax and decompress from all the stress,” Pearson Library student assistant Eric Klein said.

    Pearl, the Miniature Horse, also made an appearance on Dec. 9 at the library. This was Pearl’s first time attending this event and she came alongside some of the volunteer therapy dogs that were there to comfort CLU students who may have needed a quick cuddle break with one of these furry animals. The therapy dogs, who have been through training to provide support and aid to those in need, will be at the library for CLU students to hang out with every day until the end of the week from 3 – 4 p.m.

    On Dec. 12, the de-stressing party will begin with a mini rave at 5 p.m. The rave will go on for about five minutes and will consist of loud music, glow sticks, a disco ball and dancing.

    “It’s fun for me as the librarian because normally I am considered the ‘shusher’ and for five minutes, I get to encourage people to get loud and crazy. It’s great to see the students laugh, relieve stress and have some fun,” Petersen said.

    There will also be a coffee and tea station set up throughout the week, which is free for students. This station was funded by Springer, Taylor and Francis, SAGE and Proquist/Ebrary, which are online research databases that the library provides for students.

    “A great thing about these stress events is they happen every semester. So, if a student misses them in the fall, they can always participate next semester in the spring,” Klein said. “If any students have ideas about different things they would like to see as part of the stress event, they are also highly encouraged to contact the library to voice their ideas.”

    Take a break, de-stress and relax by checking out the “Release the Stress Before the Test” events happening this week at the Pearson Library.


    Emily Behrs
    Staff Writer
    Published December 11, 2013