100 days and counting

It’s the final countdown. Gals and guys of the 2014 graduating senior class are dusting off their party attire in preparation for California Lutheran University’s annual 100 days celebration.

The semi-formal event will be held on Feb. 6 at 8 p.m. at the Sunset Hills Country Club.

This eve of merriment is named because it’s held precisely 100 days before graduation.

Assistant Director of Alumni and Parent Relations Samantha Putnam said, “The 100 Days Celebration began in 2005 and the goal of the celebration is to mark the official welcome to the CLU Alumni. It’s the bridge from student to alumni.”

Many seniors have hopes and expectations for this particular night.

Senior Christopher Cabrera expressed his hopes for the evening.

“I’d like to see all my friends having a good time and making memories that we will never forget. I want to finish this semester with no regrets,” Cabrera said. “[The 100 Days Celebration is] a reward for having been able to stay in school and to keep up my hard work to get my diploma.”

While this evening is undoubtedly a celebration, like all endings, it comes with an air of nostalgia.

“While the celebration is meant to be a fun time with your fellow graduating seniors, it reminds you that your time left here is limited and you won’t be seeing everyone as often or in the same context, senior Kathi Kirkedy said.

CLU alumna Lesley Smith said, “The 100 Days Celebration is easily one of my fondest memories of my time spent at CLU. It is a great way to spend time with the friends you’ve made in your graduating class for one last time as a whole unit before the actual day of graduation.”

She advised this year’s seniors to, “take advantage of these moments and cherish them. Your time spent with all of the amazing people you have met here will mark your lives forever.”

Be sure to bring your identification and dancing shoes. Seniors, on your marks, get set, celebrate.


Kylie McLogan
Staff Writer
Published Feb. 5, 2014