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    Prepare for paintball

    Paint splatters everywhere while California Lutheran University students duck, slide and tumble to their safety. CLU is having its 4th annual paintball trip on Feb. 15 from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Ambush Paintball and Airsoft Park in Moorpark.

    Paul Hartmann, the coordinator for recreational sports, is in charge of this year’s paintball trip.

    Last year’s paintball trip was at a paintball company field in Santa Clarita, according to Hartmann.

    “We made that decision so students would have a better incentive because it’s not as far and it’s easier for them to travel to Moorpark than to Santa Clarita,” Hartmann said.

    The event is for all CLU students as well as staff and faculty, either as chaperons or participants.

    One goal of this event is to bring together students who have participated in paintball with those who are interested in trying it out for the first time, Hartmann said.

    Another point of this event is allowing to students to interact and have fun off-campus.

    Tickets are $30 and they are supplemented by CLU.

    “The way outdoor recreation works is that we supplement the cost for the trips and the different events so it’s more affordable for students,” Hartmann said.

    According to Hartmann, the supplements are from student fees and institutional funding that goes towards student programs and student activities.

    The $30 fee includes the all-day admission, a Tippman 98 semi-auto air gun rental, an air compressed tank with all day refills, two pod pouches, paintballs for the day and lunch.  The trip is approximately a $50 value.

    Senior David Stenson expressed how paintball is a fun activity.

    “It’s one of those few times you get to shoot your friends and not feel bad about it,” Stenson said.

    Stenson gave some advice to paintballing first-timers.

    “They should wear thick clothing that can camouflage well,” Stenson said.

    According to sophomore Aaron Bowman, paintballing is worth getting welts for.

    “People should go paintballing because it’s fun and it’s better than sitting in your dorm not doing anything,” Bowman said.

    Bowman also suggests that first timers wear a lot of clothing.

    “You’re going to get bruises from the paintballs no matter what, but that’s the fun part because you get to do the same thing to everybody else,” Bowman said.

    According to Hartmann, tickets can be purchased online through the CLU website. He will have a list with the names of the students who have purchased the tickets online at the event.


    Dalee Jung
    Staff Writer
    Published Feb. 12, 2014