Springbreakers 2014

For many students, spring break is a brief tease of a vacation. You can count the number of days with no class in session on your fingers.  From March 15-23, some students will play, some will volunteer and some will just veg out.  There is no right way and no wrong way to do spring break. What might sound fun to one person could sound terrible to another. With that being said, enjoy it. Next thing you know, many will be back in class and thinking, “only two more months until summer.”  How will you spend spring break?

“I am going to eat food such as pie, which I never touch during the academic calendar… Then I’m gonna do the boring stuff such as sleep in, watch TV, go walking and save the world with my super powers.”
-Josiah Canto, senior

“I am going to participate in the regional NFL combine in Seattle. I feel that my talent is at that level (to be competitive) and I just want to take the opportunity.”
-Justin Reeves, senior

“I’m visiting a friend in New York, sight seeing, going to a concert and doing a St. Paddy’s day 5k. I’m going to [New York] because it’s an exciting city, has cold weather and it’s my friend’s final semester there.”
-Dan Chell, junior


Joshua Dwyer
Staff Writer
Published March 5, 2014