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Search for Flight 370 continues
As the search for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 continues in the Indian Ocean, the flight simulator and hard drives that the pilots of this aircraft had at their homes appeared to be a dead end, according to an article from The New York Times.
Two people briefed on the investigation stated that the hard drives and stimulator yielded few clues about whether the pilots deliberately diverted the missing jet.
Investigators are still focusing on the pilots’ role in the plane’s disappearance on March 8. No concrete evidence has surfaced indicating that the flight was deliberately sabotaged.

College water polo player drowns
According to an article in The Los Angeles Times, officials said that 19-year-old Nick Johnson, a sophomore water polo player at University of California Santa Barbara, who was found unresponsive at the bottom of a pool during practice died of an accidental drowning.
Multiple media outlets reported Johnson was swimming laps at the Santa Barbara High School pool when he lost consciousness during his workout on March 24.
The Santa Barbara County coroner’s office told the Santa Barbara Independent the preliminary cause of death was accidental drowning, according to the article. Investigators have not found any signs of foul play in the case said Santa Barbara police Sgt. Riley Harwood.
According to the athletics department at UCSB, a memorial fund has been established in Johnson’s honor to support the aquatics program.

Police dog survives shooting
Seven-year-old police dog Bruno has made a full recovery after being shot in the line of duty, according to an article from Yahoo News.
After police officers responded to an incident in an Anaheim apartment complex, Bruno found a suspect near a trashcan. According to police, that is when the suspect stepped up and shot the dog and at the officers.
Bruno was sent to the animal hospital emergency room where he underwent hours of surgery. The bullet round exited his lower jaw and reentered the body in the chest cavity, just an inch from his heart, according to the article.
Bruno’s partner, R.J. Young, plans to take over all the dog’s medical expenses.

Mudslides hit Washington valley
The millions of tons of earth and rock that came down from a mountain in a mudslide in Wash. on March 22 not only killed many victims but also entombed many of them in ways that are making the recovery process both slow and physically dangerous, according to an article from The New York Times.
Some places were under 10-12 feet of the resulting composite mix, while others may have 10 or more feet on top of that.
Twenty-four bodies, including that of an infant, have been removed from the muddy landscape in the valley community of Oso as of March 31, with the count sure to rise in coming days, according to emergency response officials.
Medical examiners have also been struggling with the task of identifying bodies due to the fact that much of what they are finding are only body parts.

LAX staff arrested for luggage theft
The FBI served 25 search warrants and made six arrests on March 26 at Los Angeles International Airport, accusing workers there of stealing items from travelers’ luggage, according to Yahoo News.
Altogether, 14 people have been detained for questioning. Officials said it remains an ongoing investigation.
“This joint operation, resulting in these arrests, highlights the close cooperation and continuous teamwork of the LAX Crime Task Force and its relationship with other local municipal law-enforcement agencies,” said Los Angeles Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon.
LAX has one of the worst records in keeping passengers’ luggage safe and secure in transit.


Lindsay Hunter
Staff Writer
Published April 2, 2014