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    What really grinds students’ gears

    As good as it sounds to say that all students attending California Lutheran University have no complaints, it wouldn’t be the truth. All students have pet peeves and could find something about CLU to complain about. But, what are the most common complaints among students?

    #1: Long lines at the Centrum, even after using the Tapingo app.

    Hungry college students want to get food quickly between classes. Many don’t have time to wait 15 minutes in line to order and then another 20 to get food. The Tapingo app allows students to order their food from the Centrum or Jamba Juice from their smart phones. This is supposed to lessen congestion during peak hours as well as decrease the wait time for food. It’s a great idea right? Students say yes if only it worked.

    “One time it was taking so long [to get food] and I had to go to class, so I just left my food there and never got it,” sophomore Katrina Hannah said.

    “Sometimes at certain times of the day you come into the Centrum and there is a huge Tapingo line. I have a class that ends at 11:15 and then one that starts at 12:25, so I will order my lunch at 11:20 and sometimes I won’t get my lunch until 12 and then it kind of sucks because I’m in a rush,” freshman Louise Millet said.

    “The Tapingo line is really long sometimes and it is supposed to be shorter than the regular line. I have had to wait 15 to 20 minutes, sometimes they forget your food, and sometimes the Tapingo app is down and you can’t even use it,” sophomore Alexia Chalita said.

    #2: Parking is scarce and can often make you late or absent.

    Nearly all students know about the parking problem. Driving around in circles, every spot filled, desperately hoping to see someone pulling out of his or her spot. Then, you have to make the decision to either keep circling or to park way over by the Welcome Center, or even worse, the gym, and make a mad dash to class. It’s hard enough for college students to get to class on time without factoring in an extra 20 minutes to find a parking spot.

    “I have had to miss a whole class because of the parking,” senior Alli Himber said.

    It is not only the students experiencing this parking predicament. The faculty do as well.

    “Yesterday, I was here to do a guest lecture at 11 a.m. and I wasn’t able to find parking anywhere. Even the lot by the Welcome Center was completely full and so I ended up driving around for almost 40 minutes until I found an open parking spot, so when I hear everyone talking about parking that made me understand,” said  Monica Gracyalny, who has a doctorate in communication.

    #3: Lack of communication between students and administration.

    Students want to know what classes to take to graduate on time. Students feel that it should be as simple as that. Miscommunication between students and administration may result in students registering for the wrong class, not being able to get into a required class or students taking classes they don’t need.

    “The administration never have their information correct. They tried telling me I have to do two more years of school when for the past two years they have been telling me that I am on track to graduate on time, so that’s frustrating,” junior Skylar Vasquez said.

    “It’s really hard getting classes. Freshmen get priority over some sophomores. I can’t even get into a biology class I need because it’s always waitlisted,” sophomore Cory Messmore said.

    These are just three pet peeves students seem to be talking about, but the list doesn’t stop there.

    Students disapprove of CLU’s lack of a sports track, how there is no place for commuters to go during down time and how the grass is roped off in certain places to stop students from walking on it.

    But, there is something to be said about CLU. After throwing out complaints, pretty much every student ended by saying something along the lines of, “Other than that, I don’t have much to complain about. I really like our school.”

    While students can be quick to point out problems on campus, most agree that CLU is better than most.


    Lauren Ray
    Staff Writer
    Published April 2, 2014