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    ASCLUG events build community

    The Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government (ASCLUG) work hard year round to make California Lutheran University a social community by holding events for students.

    CLU and Thousand Oaks can get pretty boring every now and then since everything closes so early. The beach is just far enough where it should be a full day activity, and the Wildwood hiking trails can seem old after exploring the area three weekends in a row.

    Programs Board of ASCLUG hosts multiple events, such as Cosmic Bowling, Let it Snow and the Chiddy Bang concert for students of CLU to enjoy and to help build a community on campus.

    ASCLUG president Andre Andoyan said the valuable aspect about ASCLUG is how it is developed by the students of this university.

    โ€œThe goal of ASCLUG is to improve the student experience on campus. The special thing about it is how itโ€™s made up by the students for the students,โ€ Andoyan said.

    Although they get positive feedback from students and faculty on the activities they have, Programs Board is always looking for improvement.

    If there are events students want to see, it is up to them to voice their ideas. ASCLUG wants to hear what the student body wants.

    โ€œThe response is very positive and I think students enjoy these events,โ€ Andoyan said. โ€œI think that Programs Board is constantly striving to get better and improve on things.โ€

    Senior Shawn Jackson is a major advocate for the events that Programs Board hosts. Not only are the events fun and something to do for the CLU community, but Jackson believes itโ€™s a great way to meet people.

    โ€œ[Programs Board] does a good job at making CLU a social community because itโ€™s obviously a small school so you see everybody,โ€ Jackson said. โ€œBut, you meet more people and interact more rather than just recognizing someone on campus. I feel like I can talk to more people because Iโ€™ve seen them at these events.โ€

    The events offer incentives to the students, including different giveaways and free food from delicious places. After attending these events, itโ€™s highly unlikely to walk away from them without a smile on your face or new friend by your side.

    Freshman Sarah Alfano believes Programs Board does an excellent job at keeping students busy with fun activities. She never thought she would see snow at CLU until Programs Board made that a possibility.

    โ€œLet it Snow was by far my favorite activity because I used to live on the east coast where it would snow a lot,โ€ Alfano said. โ€œSo when CLU brought the snow to campus, I was ecstatic to enjoy the cold as if I were on the east coast.โ€

    Moments like these remind us that even the little things matter and that something as small as snow can make CLU feel more like home.

    Programs Board is always looking for new ideas from the student body to offer students the most enjoyable college experience possible.

    โ€œStudents are always welcome to share their opinions and ideas with ASCLUG,โ€ Andoyan said. โ€œWe are always looking for feedback from the students to make our events as best as they can be.โ€


    Ryanย Perez
    Staff Writer
    Published April 23, 2014