Seeking fancy footwork

Get your dancing shoes ready! The Dance Team at California Lutheran University is in full preparation for the 2014-2015 school year. The competition team will hold auditions for CLU students to strut their stuff for fellow students.

“I’m hoping that our Dance Team can grow in numbers. Seven is great, but the more the merrier,” said senior co-president and treasurer Alex Nadell.

There are a few items dancers should bring to audition. Black or tan jazz shoes are recommended for the dance floor. If jazz shoes are not available, hip-hop shoes or sneakers are also allowed.

Dancers should also be hydrated and well fed, but  bring  water and snacks just in case.

As far as attire, the judges recommend students to wear booty shorts, leggings or tight jazz pants because it will make students’ forms more visible for the judges. For the tops, students can wear a crop top, sports bra or a fitted tank top or shirt. Dancers’ hair should be pulled back and out of their face to keep distractions minimal.

“Being on Dance Team is fun, challenging and a great way to be involved on campus. I’m very excited to have many new faces joining in the 2014-2015 year so we can build a strong, connected and successful team,” said sophomore dance team member Faith Elliott.

The team doesn’t want students to be worried if they cannot perform a move perfectly. They emphasize the importance of growth within the team over the course of the year and working together.

“This year we expect to see a lot of new faces. Three of the seven girls are graduating and so we hope to build a stronger and bigger team for the upcoming school year,” said senior co-captain Kayla Peralta.

If a student is unable to attend the auditions on May 4 video submissions can be sent to associate professor Julia Fogg or send a video file and/or link to the Dance Team’s email: [email protected] The requirements for the video are to state your name, explain why you are interested in joining the CLU Dance Team, and a one to two minute dance routine that you are familiar with, original or not. The Dance Team also requires a resume or summary of the experience each dancer from the video has had.

During auditions, students will be judged on their presentation ,such as hair and preparedness, presence, performance, flexibility, control, sharpness, fluidity, musicality and technique.

Auditions will be on May 4 in the CLU dance studio, located on the second floor of the Gilbert Sports and Fitness Center. Check in will begin at 8 a.m. and at 8:30 a.m., the team will begin the warm-ups and jump into the all-day event for tryouts. The women will have a two-hour break for lunch and to review choreography.


Erin Chisolm
Staff Writer
Published April 30, 2014