Your trash, someone else’s treasure

Is your dorm room cluttered? Are you dreading having to pack up old text books, furniture and other unwanted items only to put them into storage or have them clutter up your parents’ garage?

If you answered yes, you can make donations to the Trash to Treasure event held by the Community Service Center. On May 14-16, students can take their unwanted books, household items, non-perishable food and other useable items to the bins provided by the CSC at all of the residence halls on campus.

“We will have Goodwill come and put bins up and we will collect items that normal students would throw away. We want to lessen the amount of waste when people move out of their dorms this year,,” said senior CSC intern Katie Hemming.
The CSC wants students to become involved outside of the classroom. It wants to make a difference in the local community and it has found that Trash to Treasure is beneficial. In the last few years, students have donated couches, televisions, canned foods, clothing and other useful items.

This year, the bookstore will take book donations. The books will not go into the Goodwill bins because this is a separate donation event that the CLU campus community will participate in.

There will be Goodwill trucks near the Pederson Administration Building and near Pederson residence hall volleyball courts for clothing, furniture and other household objects. CSC is asking students to not leave Goodwill items in their residence hall lounges or in parking lots.

“I think that this alternative is better than just throwing out our unwanted waste into trash bins at the end of each semester, but I think that instead, we should do more of a student exchange,”    junior Michelle Grawet said. “Seniors should donate things they do not need any more to the students that will still need these items because they are still on campus.”

Some students have signed up to receive volunteer hours for helping with collecting items and loading them into trucks. Volunteers will load the claimed treasures May 14-16 from 4 to 5 p.m.

“I will be out there if they need my help any of the three days when this event will be occurring,” said senior CSC intern Xochitl Cruz.

CSC is hoping that this event will become bigger among the students as the years continue. It can be hard for students to donate necessary items they may need in the future, but if they will be thrown away, CSC hopes the waste will begin to diminish. Students are not required to donate any items, but it is a great way to help out the CLU community.

Couches and kitchen wares proved successful during previous donations.  Instead of letting those old frying pans, chairs and unopened packs of Ramen soup gather dust and forgotten in a corner, consider turning your trash into someone else’s treasure.


Erin Chisolm
Staff Writer
Published May 7, 2014