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    How to survive midterms

    Being a college student is not as tranquil as one would assume, especially during midterms. The key to avoiding high stress levels and to achieve success is to remain focused, motivated and to prepare efficiently.

    Approaching the middle of the fall semester, most students have established a comfortable routine managing course work, along with participating in a lively social life.

    Multiple exams are looming, several research papers are almost due, various presentations are underway and all students are feeling the pressure.

    โ€œIโ€™m not going to lie, I felt scared at first because I know midterms in college are going to be different from high school,โ€ freshman Pia Aquije said.

    There is no way to avoid midterm stress but there are several potential solutions in dealing with the course overload.

    โ€œItโ€™s important to give yourself time to go over the material. If the teacher has any sort of study guide or other preparatory handouts, you should utilize those to the best of your advantage,โ€ junior Brandon Weger said.

    While preparing for midterms, it is important to keep in perspective that these exams, projects and presentations count as a large portion of the overall grade, therefore, executing proper techniques in preparation is vital. Additionally, it has been proven that high stress levels can lead to poor performance on exams and even possibly illness. A huge part of a successful midterm is feeling ready, prepared and relaxed.

    โ€œI would say the main key is time management, that way you avoid as much stress as possible,โ€ freshman Lucas Shaker said.

    Knowing that midterms are around the corner, it is important to promptly begin studying, while trying to avoid the college curse of procrastination. Weger said he procrastinated during his first semester of midterms, which he then acknowledged got the worst of him during test time. Therefore, he recommends studying and preparing a decent time beforehand. Reviewing the material each day and processing the information little by little can create lasting effects on memory. It is also a good idea to physically map out success on a study schedule, listing the hours dedicated to a specific subject.

    Organization is a key tool in achieving success on mid-semester exams. Do not add anxiety by having a messy desk, or an unkempt room or a hectic schedule. By assigning specific time slots for daily chores and appointments, making time for studying will appear easier and stress free.

    Besides the basics of preparation, studying, and organization, perhaps the most important study tip is to keep healthful during exam time by performing and keeping healthy eating and exercise habits. Exercising and maintaining a healthy diet will ensure the productivity of natural energy in oneโ€™s body that will aid in keeping the mind focused on the topic at hand.


    Jessy Corsello

    Staff Writer

    Published October 29, 2014