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    Students learn to defend themselves

    With crime happening constantly, it is important to learn how to protect yourself. In an effort to educate students, California Lutheran University’s Wellness Program has decided to team up with Campus Safety to help students learn how to defend themselves in different types of situations.

    The event will take place on Nov. 12 from 5:30 p.m – 8:30 p.m at the Lundring Events Center. Students who attend will be provided dinner along with the chance to learn how to defend themselves. According to the event page on The Hub, “information will be shared regarding sexual violence as well as self-awareness techniques that are necessary for self-defense.”

    Junior Veronica Ramos, a Spanish and psychology double major said it’s always good to be aware of how to handle situations where self-defense might be needed regardless of how safe the Cal Lutheran campus may be.

    “I think it’s always good to have [self-defense training]. You just never know. It may be a safe campus but you never know what could happen out there. You could get a flat tire at night or even during the day. It’s just good to know how to defend yourself in any situation regardless of where you are,” Ramos said.

    In an email interview, Elizabeth Manuel, coordinator for student involvement and wellness, said that Campus Safety has a contact in the FBI who will be leading the training session in order to educate students in the best way possible.

    “The self-defense training is a great opportunity for students to become more educated on ‘self-awareness’ tactics,” Manuel said. “Specifically, students will learn ways to be more aware and conscious of their surroundings and ultimately how to handle the unexpected. Additionally, basic information about being an active bystander will be shared as well.”

    According to the Wellness Program page on the Cal Lutheran website, the program “aims to equip students at California Lutheran University with the knowledge and resources to make healthy, informed decisions. In efforts to meet the holistic needs of students, Wellness Programs promotes a balance in several dimensions of student health.”

    Sophomore Shelby Pleiss, a Wellness Program intern, said the Wellness Program focuses on six different areas to help students live well. These areas are personal, physical, financial, emotional, spiritual and sexual wellness.

    “We just strive to provide programs that would help students to grow in all those areas,” Pleiss said.

    According to Manuel, the Wellness Program does their best to provide resources for students to make healthy lifestyle choices.

    “We know we cannot ‘force’ students to make the right choices but we can encourage students to make the most educated choices during their time at CLU,” Manuel said.

    Ramos said although Cal Lutheran is overall a safe campus, there could be some changes made to ensure the safety of students at all times.

    “I definitely feel it is safe here. It’s not that I don’t feel safe, but I do feel that the lighting on campus at night is pretty bad. I feel like it could be a lot better. Especially if I’m going to Starbucks or the library at night,” Ramos said.

    Pleiss said the training program will not only be a great way for students to become more aware of how to protect themselves but also to promote personal and physical wellness.

    “It’s also a really good way to help people with personal and physical wellness, so if they ever get put in a situation where they need to defend themselves they at least know how to get themselves out of an uncomfortable situation,” Pleiss said.

    To sign up for self-defense training, contact [email protected]. Don’t wait, because there are a limited amount of spots available.


    Natalie Kalmdaryan

    Senior Writer

    Published November 12, 2014