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    2015 Grammy Wrap-Up

    Many of the top selling names in music gathered at the Staples Center on Sunday, February 8, for the 57th Annual Grammy Awards.

    There were performances from many of the nominees throughout the night, including Beyonce, Miranda Lambert, Kanye West, Sam Smith, Ed Sheeran and many more.

    Music major, Kayla Sawoski said, “I really enjoyed Beyonce’s performance, but I really enjoyed Rihanna too.”

    The biggest winner of the night was Sam Smith who walked away with four awards. Smith’s song “Stay With Me” and his album “In the Lonely Hour” helped him win Best New Artist, Song of the Year, Record of the Year and Best Pop Vocal Album. Smith performed his award-winning song with Mary J. Blige during the ceremony.

    Nolan Forghani, a music production major, favored Sam Smith.

    “I think he deserved a lot of it. His songs are meaningful,” Forghani said. “A lot of people out there try to make music to satisfy other people and it just comes off as fake, so the fact that he stayed true to himself and did what he wanted to do, that’s when it becomes real.”

    Although Smith had incredible momentum going into the Album of the Year category, rock album “Morning Phase” from Beck took the award.

    The Grammy Awards are the largest awards for music in terms of scope so putting on such a show required a large venue. The Staples Center in Los Angeles hosted this year’s ceremony.

    Ryder Christ, a communication major at Cal Lutheran said a lot of work went into the Grammy’s telecast.

    “There were a lot of people that were involved in the production of the Grammy’s, so all the technical directors, all the people that had to get the stage ready and do all the lighting and sound ops for that. And then there’s also the makeup people and costuming people that people sometimes forget,” Christ said.

    Christ, who has worked on the broadcast of the American Music Awards and is preparing for the Oscars this month, also talked about all the work that went into the pre-show. According to Christ, one of the main jobs is setting up and getting interviews before the Grammy’s for red carpet shows.

    “In terms of production, broadcasting it, there is so much that is done already in terms of ‘the show goes on,’ someone is filming it and there are set up cameras,” Christ said. “If you actually go to the Grammy’s on that day of the event there are a lot of stops.”


    Kevin Repich
    Staff Writer
    Published February 18th, 2015