No Valentine’s Dinner

The Valentine’s dinner that the California Lutheran University Centrum had planned, and then cancelled, sparked a variety of opinions from students.

The planned dinner was supposed to take place on Valentine’s Day evening where the Centrum would serve a more upscale menu and was even taking reservations. However, due to lack of student attendance, the event was cancelled.

“Unfortunately we only had four students respond to the invitation for dinner so we had to cancel,” Cal Lutheran dining manager Patricia Yantzer said in an email interview.

However, she did mention that Cal Lutheran would be offering another sit-down dinner in the future.

College students know that dining out is expensive, especially if they are trying to impress someone and take them to a nicer restaurant. This year Cal Lutheran recognized that and came up with the idea of hosting a romantic dinner at the Centrum.

Although some students appreciate the university’s attempt to help save students some money, others were very critical of the idea.

“I feel like most girls wouldn’t like that. If you can’t afford to take a girl out then don’t do it,” junior Eric Carthen said.

Although Carthen expressed concern about girls not appreciating Valentine’s spent at the Centrum, other girls were more open to the idea.

“At least they would be making an effort, and the school is offering something to be more price friendly,” said junior Veronica Ramos. “But I mean if they had money and were just trying to be cheap, I would be offended.”

It’s understandale to not want to spend too much money on a date. For example going to the Melting Pot would cost about $70 per person. However, some girls expect a long-time boyfriend to be willing to splurge on Valentine’s Day.

“If it was someone I had been dating for a long time I would be very upset,” junior Samantha Beemer said. “But if we had just met I would be ok with that.”

Although the dinner was cancelled, Cal Lutheran did offer other activities at the Ullman Commons. On Thursday, Feb. 11, students were able to come by and make Valentine’s cards while they dined.


Cody McElligott
Staff Writer
Published February 18th, 2015