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    Her Campus: Providing a Guide to College Life

    On March 17 Her Campus officially launched their own California Lutheran University chapter. Since then Cal Lutheran students have been working on posting stories and content relevant to the community.

    Her Campus is an online magazine with national articles on everything from beauty to health to career. They also have local chapters for every college that has signed up, which post articles written by students about things relevant to that school.

    โ€œHer Campus is an online hub made for college girls, by college girls,โ€ said Andrea Lopez, co-vice president for the Cal Lutheran Her Campus chapter in an email interview.

    Stories include topics like spring break, finding internships, being more eco-friendly, campus cuties, campus celebrities and an event calendar.

    Writers find inspiration for their stories from their daily lives as well as from what students would like to see.

    โ€œSometimes I just ask the people around me what they want to see,โ€ said Andrea Whisler, a student and writer for the Cal Lutheran chapter. โ€œOver spring break I had to write a story for the blog, and at the time I was applying for jobs so I was like why not put up something that, you know, can give people ideas on how to find a job or an internship for the summer. Anything I see from the outside I take and turn it into a story.โ€

    Since their launch in March, the chapter has been posting stories almost daily, which they then share to the Facebook page. They have also become an official club on campus and are hoping to grow from beyond stories to covering events and more.

    โ€œWe hope to become as big of a presence on campus as some Her Campus chapters are at other universities, hosting events, giveaways, contests, growing our readership and so much more,โ€ said Dani Kluss, president and editor-in-chief for the Cal Lutheran chapter in an email interview.

    So far the chapter has received a good amount of positive feedback, especially due to their efforts in sharing the stories on Facebook and other forms of social media. They even have students like Camilla Jarnum who serves as the chapterโ€™s social media coordinator.

    According to Whisler, the Cal Lutheran chapter has about 20 members already but is seeking to grow their number of members.

    โ€œAnyone can write for us, even guys, it just has to be directed toward the women at Cal Lutheran,โ€ Lopez said.

    Students are not just limited to writing for the chapter either. There are several other jobs that help support the club without writing articles.

    โ€œThere are just so many different things you can do. You can be a part of the events, you can do social media,โ€ Jarnum said.

    No matter what their job, members are excited to be a part of the Cal Lutheran chapter. They are creating a sense of community within the club. They support each other and are even planning bonding events for club members.

    โ€œItโ€™s kind of like having a sorority, it feels like that when I go to the meetings. Itโ€™s all these girls in one room, and weโ€™re all like super supportive of each other and really happy and friendly,โ€ Whisler said.

    For more information on joining or to check out the Her Campus stories, students can visit or like the Cal Lutheran Her Campus Facebook page. Students who want to be involved can email Dani Kluss at [email protected] about joining.

    Allie Leslie
    Staff Writer
    Published April 15th, 2015