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    Campus events create memories that last

    As I scroll down The Hub events calendar on the California Lutheran University website, I notice that most of the events listed are a mix between predetermined sports matches, club meetings, career service forums and religious gatherings. But are there enough events for those of us who don’t fall into these exact categories?

    Some things pop out at me. For the week of Sept. 21 through Sept. 25, the Operation Pantry Plenty is taking place where donations of non-perishable foods are welcome at the chapel all week and as a last resort, on Friday at the flagpole.

     Charitable events like the Operation Pantry Plenty make me smile and inspire me to want to go grocery shopping with a few coupons and do my part to make a donation. Which I will by the way, mark my words.

    Another event listed on The Hub that caught my eye was the Outdoor Movie Night showing of “The Lion King” on Sept. 25. In the past the Associated Students of California Lutheran University Government has shown “Jurassic World.”

    Dana Sacca, senior Resident Assistant in Trinity said she would be going to the event.

    “On my way there I heard people as they were walking away with their blankets saying that ‘where [the movie] was shown did not have enough space’ and there were a lot more people than they expected,” Sacca said.

    “The first movie night was put on by Student Life, and our [ASCLU] Executive Cabinet partnered with them to try and make it as big as possible,” Associated ASCLU President Evan Carthen said in an email interview. “However, for that event we were pushed with a short timeline to make the event happen, but we still had a great event with a large audience. In the past our Programs Board has put on a movie night in Kingsmen Park. That is currently not on our current calendar for events, however, there is a possibility that it may happen at some point this year.”

    I look forward to a possible movie night in Kingsmen Park. I remember a few years ago they showed “Monsters Inc.” on an inflatable screen and it was a lot of fun. Some brought chairs, but most of us were in our pajamas and brought blankets. If my memory is correct, I believe there was even a time when a lot of us said the cute “kitty!” quote out loud and laughed.

    Sacca said that Trinity Hall is going to put on Saturday Movie Nights at 7 p.m. for their residents and friends.

    “It is a way to get people to stay on campus. People like to go out and party, which I completely understand. It’s their way of relieving stress,” Sacca said.

    Movie events are perfect because all we do as college students is watch Netflix and chill when we aren’t doing anything school related. The school year just started and it is already weighing down. Perhaps that is just because I have a bad case of senioritis.

    As I sit back and reflect on the past three years at Cal Lutheran, I remember the memorable times with my friends at Monte Carlo night and the events where there would be bounce houses and fair rides. I always look forward to the Homecoming Weekend Carnival. Also every single time there is an event with a photo booth, my friends and I take pictures, helping keep the memories alive. Sometimes the simple bounce house and dollar store glow sticks are what keep friendships strong.

    There are some events that happen on the weekends for those of us who are on campus all week, which is perfect.

    Intermural Sports is having their Hall Cup Ultimate Frisbee game on Sept. 26 on the Mt. Clef field.

    It is events like these that help unite the campus. I look forward to seeing you at future events.

    Samantha Steele
    Staff Writer
    Published Septemeber 23rd, 2015