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    Apple continues to dominate tech industry

    Apple announced several new products on Sept. 16 including new versions of the iPhone 6 and 6Plus, iPad pro, Apple TV and Apple Watch and a new stylus simply called the Apple Pencil.

    Having a firm grip over much of the technological world has given Apple quite the reputation for generating good ideas left and right. Reinventing many aspects of entertainment, workplace equipment and what some would call, fashion statements.

    When dissecting a company as all encompassing as Apple seems to be, it is hard to think of an industry that they have not tapped into with moderate success. Is there a limit to what they can reinvent? The beloved pencil, it seems, is not safe from the minds at Apple.

    The Pencil is intended to be used with the soon to be released iPad Pro, a bigger more powerful iPad. The Pencil on the other hand, offers a more responsive touch, allowing users to draw more efficiently on their iPads.

    Upon hearing this, the crowd in San Francisco reacted as if Tim Cook had just cracked a joke. A joke it was not. Apple appears intent on making a stride for a universal tech company.

    Clearly the auditorium in which this news was received responded with laughter and scattered applause for a reason, said Jake Swearingen of Popular Mechanics. The reason is how ridiculous some of the offerings seem to be, whether in their unrealistic price or its business practices that have come under scrutiny in the past years. Not surprisingly, this reaction was shared among many regardless of their opinion of

    Apple beforehand. โ€œI had a [iPod] Nano in 8th grade, and I could see myself becoming a fan as I got to know the products,โ€ said senior Sean Hernandez.

    Being a fan of Apple and their products, it is interesting to see what a devoted consumer will think of a product like the Pencil given its initial reaction.

    โ€œI mean I have an iPod, Macbook and an iPhone 6. I guess you could say I support them,โ€ Hernandez said.

    Like many other supporters, Hernandez has taken to making sure the devices he uses are compatible. If there is anything Apple has done well, it is their ability to incorporate almost every single one of their devices to be compatible with the next.

    This is a double-edged sword when one considers the ways in which Apple can permeate oneโ€™s life.

    When asked what he likes about Apple, Hernandez commented โ€œThey have a ridiculous marketing department. Same with their design department. They design stuff that works, itโ€™s easy to use and it looks so clean.โ€

    What Hernandez brings up is a fair point. Appleโ€™s user interface is unmatched in terms of simplicity and ease of use.

    While a significant selling point, it does not excuse some of the prices Apple has charged for its Watch ($599), most notably when compared to offerings from Motorola at $299 according to

    Hernandez was filled with as much confusion as the keynote audience when it came to Appleโ€™s new pencil. โ€œIt seems cool, the ability to draw and write better on an iPad.โ€

    When asked if he had, say, $100 burning a hole in his pocket, โ€œOf course, who wouldnโ€™t want it? It does things that other stylus canโ€™t. However the only device that you can use it with is the $800 iPad pro.โ€

    Considering this, one might be hard-pressed to find themselves willing to give a few more sheckles for the latest device. However there are some who will spend this money and for that, one must realize people will spend their money on whatever they want regardless of how others may criticize.


    Connor McKinney
    Staff Writer
    Published September 23rd, 2015