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Delta Sigma Pi joins the CLU community

Delta Sigma Pi, one of the nation’s largest co-ed professional business fraternities is expected to open a chapter on California Lutheran University’s campus in spring 2016.

Seniors Oliver Thornton, Ian Slater, Lauren Dudley and Nicolas Sanzana are all business majors at Cal Lutheran and all four students are responsible for organizing the anticipated arrival of Delta Sigma Pi next semester.

Delta Sigma Pi is an academic and professional business fraternity. It is not like the fraternities frequently broadcasted on the news for their unfortunate hazing incidents and constant alcohol abuse.  Delta Sigma Pi aims to further connect and educate students specifically in the business world.

“Its intent is to allow students to network together on campus, to do service projects and to connect with the business community,” said Paul Witman, who has a doctorate in information systems and technology and who also is the faculty adviser for Delta Sigma Pi. “It will also help to build their professional careers and their professional skill set so they are better connected and better prepared for the post-college world.”

There are other business-oriented clubs on campus such as accounting club, a marketing club and an economics club. However, Delta Sigma Pi targets all business majors rather than focusing on one of its specific concentrations.

“The fraternity not only has the outside benefits like networking various events, and service work, but it also connects to other workshops or groups on campus, providing that extra initiative for students on campus,” Dudley, the secretary of Delta Sigma Pi said. “I know as a freshman I wasn’t going to those workshops, but that would be an extra boost to help my resume right from the start.  Delta Sigma Pi will help provide that push for students.”

Currently there are only a few requirements for membership.  First and foremost students must be  business majors and not business minors.  There will be a minimum requirement of a 2.5 GPA, and members are required to participate in a number of meetings and events every week. Once Delta Sigma Pi officially becomes a chapter at Cal Lutheran, there will be a membership fee. 

“Delta Sigma Pi’s mission is to have like-minded individuals in the business realm in a group where they can propel themselves to satisfy their career endeavors.” Thornton, president of Delta Sigma Pi, said.  “Also the organization allows students to be more involved in the community and to practice the skills they have learned from all of the astounding professors at California Lutheran University.”

The process of getting an academic fraternity started has not always been in favor of the university. 

“Initially there was another chapter, Alpha Kappa Psi, that we planned to work with, but after speaking with them they informed us that our school is too small,” Sanzana, vice president of finance of Delta Sigma Pi, said.  “We changed gears and now we have a chip on our shoulder. We want to prove to other schools around us that have these fraternities, that we can compete with them and that we breed good business majors as well.” 

The current members of Delta Sigma Pi will be recruiting new members in the next couple of weeks.  They will be handing out flyers on campus as well as creating social media platforms on Facebook and Instagram to begin marketing the organization on campus. 

“We’re going to try our best to focus on professionalism, hard work ethic and that hustler’s ambition,” Slater the vice president of Delta Sigma Pi, said. 

Stay tuned for more updates on the Delta Sigma Pi chapter coming to Cal Lutheran in the spring of 2016. 

Tate Rutland
Staff Writer
Published September 23rd, 2015

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