Kingsmen roll Poets for third straight win

The Kingsmen celebrated a victory Oct. 3 against the Whittier Poets at William Rolland Stadium.
The Kingsmen started off the season with a 1-0 Southern California Intercollegiate Athletic Conference record and an overall record of 3-0.

Photo courtesy of Joe Bergman -
Photo courtesy of Joe Bergman –

The game did not start how the Kingsmen intended, with Whittier getting the best of them leaving the Kingsmen trailing 7-0. Whittier’s energy provided the Kingsmen with challenges and motivation to come out and win.

The second quarter started off strong for the Kingsmen, with junior running back Isaac Seymour carrying in a touchdown for the Kingsmen, tying up the score 7-7.

Senior tight end, Alix Moise Jr. elevated the energy with a near touchdown following Seymour’s. The Kingsmen picked up the pace and the offense drove the ball into the end zone.
“We just persevered. We had our game plan set all week and we just did it,” Moise said.

The Kingsmen entered halftime leading 17-7 with much more passion than was shown in the first quarter.

The halftime show included performances by California Lutheran University’s dance team and cheer squad.

After coming off the field at halftime and returning for the third quarter already in the lead, the Kingsmen did not let up.

“We kept telling ourselves that we came back on Pacific Lutheran University and Willamette came back on us,” said senior tight end David Lederer.

Junior defensive back Logan Sanders intercepted the ball with around ten minutes left in the third quarter, giving the Kingsmen a first down. Sanders said the offense and defense work in tandem to motivate each other.

“We just trust each other so much. You see everyone on defense making plays and that just gets our offense going,” Sanders said.

Senior running back Ben Chavez II was able to get great yardage and had multiple carries throughout the third quarter.

Chavez wore down the Whittier defense and ran for 105 yards along with a touchdown.
Moise wowed the stadium with an impressive 35-yard catch bringing the Kingsmen to a first down on the 16-yard line. The third quarter finished with the Kingsmen up 17-7.

“We are resilient. We keep fighting on,” Moise said.

Seymour started off the fourth quarter with an impressive touchdown in the early minutes. The extra point was good and Kingsmen extended their lead to 24-7.

On the ensuing kickoff, the Kingsmen got a flag for unsportsmanlike conduct, giving Whittier a 10-yard advantage. After many attempts running the ball, Whittier attempted a 42-yard field goal and it was no good.

With a little over five minutes remaining in the fourth quarter a sack by Kody Duffy-Huerta resulted in a turnover on downs, giving the Kingsmen possession yet again.

At the seven-yard line, senior running back Ushali Ellison rushed in for a touchdown, bringing the score to 31-7 with just under two minutes remaining.

Whitter’s possession was again cut short when sophomore line backer Nick Gordon intercepted Whittier’s first attempted pass. The Kingsmen’s grit and determination helped them grind out the victory against the Poets.

“This team is not a sexy football team. We are a big, physical, tough football team and that’s how we play,” Head coach Ben McEnroe said. “I’ve always felt that you take experiences and character values [and teach] accountability, honesty, and doing things the right way. We cover football. Holding doors open for ladies, those are things we believe in. We are a character-based, faith-based family.”

The clock ran out with the Kingsmen holding Whittier with only one touchdown and a final score of 31-7.

The Kingsmen will look to take their momentum into their next game against their biggest rival, Redlands, for homecoming.

“The series is very even, there’s a lot of streaks in the series. They’ve won the last two and we had a five-year streak before that,” McEnroe said.

McEnroe said the team will focus on staying the course, being resilient and being decisive.
“Everyone [is coming] out next week and it’ll be a crazy one,” Moise said.

The homecoming game against the Bulldogs will be on Oct. 10 at 1 p.m.


Laurel Skinner
Staff Writer
Published October 7th, 2015