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Journalist sentenced in Iranian court

Washington Posts journalist Jason Rezaian was sentenced by an Iranian court in the espionage trial that jailed him, according to The verdict and sentence are not known as of yet.
According to an article on, “Rezaian’s family said the lack of information ‘follows an unconscionable pattern by Iranian authorities of silence, obfuscation, delay and a total lack of adherence to international law, as well as Iranian law.’”

The article mentioned that The Washington Post’s bureau chief in Tehran was also detained in Iran and has been in jail for over a year.

According to, “Rezaian’s case has become a symbol of the increased dangers faced by journalists around the world. Rezaian, who has dual Iranian and American citizenship, has been detained in Iran longer than any American journalist in the past.”

Five troops killed in helicopter crash

On Oct. 11 five members of a NATO-led effort to train and support Afghan military troops ,called the Resolute Support Mission died in a helicopter crash.

According to, the crash “occurred ‘due to a non-hostile incident’ about 4:15 p.m. near Camp Resolute Support in Kabul Afghanistan, ‘the military said in a press release.’”
The identities or nationalities of the troops have not been disclosed by the United States but the crash is currently under investigation.

The article mentioned that five other troops were injured in the crash and that “most of the troops involved in the Resolute Support Mission are with the U.S. military.”


Shaleena Bautista
Staff Writer
Published October 14th, 2015