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Wine and dine your kitty

Don’t worry everyone, staying in on Friday nights by yourself to watch Netflix and drink wine with your cats just got a lot more acceptable.

Why? Because now you can drink wine with your cats.

That’s right, technology of the 21st century has once again surpassed anything the human race could have ever dreamed of, a special type of wine just for cats.

But has humankind gone too far this time? Do we spend way too much time and money spoiling our beloved pets?

My answer is no.

If you want to spend your resources on pampering your beloved “fur baby,” I say go for it.

The wine created by the Japanese company B&H Lifes is called “Nyan Nyan Nouveau” which is translated to “Wine Exclusively For Cats,” or just “Nyan Nyan” for short.

Now before we all try to go save the cats of Japan from their wine dispensing owners, it is important to know that the wine does not actually contain alcohol.

According to Japanese blog, the kitty drink is a reasonable treat for a furry friend.

“The drink does contain juice made from Cabernet grapes, Vitamin C as well as catnip for a beverage that supposedly tastes like red wine,” Katacu said.

Shockingly, a bottle of “Nyan Nyan” only goes for about $4. A small price to pay to not spend another night drinking wine alone on the couch if you ask me.

While the Japanese are responsible for the beautiful creation of “Nyan Nyan,” Americans are all too guilty of the ridiculous amount of money we spend on our animals each year.

U.S. News and World Report claims that Americans spend a total of $61 billion on pets every year. That averages to about $500 spent a year by each individual household.

While that amount of money seems to be a bit extreme, I think it is important for pet owners to spend a good amount of money on their pets.

Taking on the responsibility of owning an animal is a huge deal that I think some people do not take seriously some times.

Food and shelter should be a pet owners first priority while caring for their animal but the quality of life for the animal is important as well.

While the most important quality an owner can give their pet is love, they should also be financially capable to supply toys, treats and potentially the occasional glass of “Nyan Nyan” for their pets who rely on them so much.

Kelsey Wiksell, a selfproclaimed “animal lover,” has worked for two years as an animal nutritionist sales associate at Unleashed by PetCo.

Wiksell said she agrees it is important for pet owners to be capable of taking good care of their animals, but sometimes they go too far.

“Personally I don’t think you can spend too much when it comes to necessities but when to come to fluffers, I think it can become a little much. I have seen someone buy an Ed Hardy sweater for their cat and that was shocking because it was $300 for a cat that’s probably going to die in like 10 years,” Wiksell said.

Personally I think if a pet owner has the means to spoil their pet they should not be judged for what they choose to buy for their pet, regardless of how ridiculous it is.

As long as the animal is loved and well taken care of there is nothing wrong with buying your cat an Ed Hardy jacket or a glass of “Nyan Nyan.”

In the words of a popular television show Parks and Rec, “treat yoself,” and in this case your pet too.

Heather Tomaszewski
Staff Writer
Published October 14th, 2015

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