2014-2015 endowment fund has $92,479,496

In 2014, nine new scholarships were made available to students at California Lutheran University, on top of the several existing scholarships. Lana Clark, Director of Stewardship University Advancement, said the endowments are important because 95 percent of the student population is benefiting from financial aid.

“It is expensive to be here and we hope to make it a reality for as many students as possible,” Clark said.

Cal Lutheran’s endowment funds had a fair market value of $92,479,496 on May 31, 2015 from the 2014-2015 fiscal year, according to the endowment activity report.

“In working with the students the idea is to express gratitude back to their donors. [The donors] continue to generously give so when students show their gratitude back it also inspires the donors to give more,” Clark said.

The Swenson scholarship sponsors 16 student’s half tuition, as well as 16 students for the summer science research program.

Clark said she was a Swenson scholar and was honored to now be able to work with the Swensons as an employee.

“Cal Lu was a place I wanted to go but I didn’t know if we would be able to afford it and then I got this scholarship and that changed things for me. I know it can be a life changing thing to get that financial aid award in the mail,” Clark said.

Junior Jessica Salottolo, one of the 16 students to receive half tuition through the Swenson scholarship said she is motivated by her donors to excel in the classroom.

“They help us receive an unbelievable education that not many people get, and because of that I am so grateful,” Salottolo said.

The financial aid office at Cal Lutheran strives to meet student needs. Carol Lingrosso, Student Employment Manager & Scholarship Coordinator, is the scholarship match maker at Cal Lutheran. She is directly involved in finding students who meet the criteria of the available scholarships.

“Most of the students really appreciate the scholarships. The reason we are able to offer grant money is from generous donors who help fund it. They are providing quite a bit of funds which makes it possible for students to be here,” Lingrosso said.

Clark offered some advice for Cal Lutheran students in light of the work that her co-worker puts in.

“Thank the financial aid people because they work really hard and they are often not thanked for what they do. They try to be very understanding,” Clark said.

Feedback from students like Salottolo is truly what the financial aid office and university advancement strive for.

“They help us receive an unbelievable education that not many people get, and because of that I am so grateful,” Salottolo said.

With the continuous, generous funds from Cal Lutheran donors, students are able to receive college level education.

“Even for students that receive the smallest amount, it can make the biggest difference and sometimes it’s that little amount that they’re short of,” Lingrosso said.

Katy Lindor
Staff Writer
Published October 21st, 2015