Red and khaki makes me happy

It’s Tuesday afternoon and you have just ran out of socks for the week. The options are pretty clear. You could do your laundry. Or the more obvious option, you could go to Target.

Most people will make any excuse to take an adventure to their local Target to shop for the essentials and enjoy a relaxing evening.

This is because Target is the best store on the planet. It is also my happy place.

The second you walk into a Target you are surrounded with the warm embrace of the bright fluorescent lights. This feeling could almost be compared to that of a hug from a loved one or that just me?

Once you have escaped the hug from those fluorescent lights, you must attempt to resist the temptation of the dollar section conveniently placed near the entrance.

But why would you want to?

The dollar section is where the great deals begin. Here you can find various objects such as princess dry erase boards, jump ropes and even reindeer antlers, which claims, “would be so cute at a holiday party, [you] have to get them.”

If you are one of the few to wander away from the magnificent dollar section you are able to truly appreciate the rest of the store.

A single trip to Target can take hours. This is because there are so many options of what you can purchase within the store. Where else can you buy a new pair of boots, “Jaws” on DVD and deodorant all at the same place? Not to mention you can do it while snacking on some popcorn and an ICEE from the snack bar located within the store.

While all the different ICEE options are exhilarating the potential of saving money on the products within the store is also pretty exciting if you are saving up for textbooks for next semester.

The store provides their users with the option to apply for Target’s very own credit or debit card. The REDcard allows for approved users to save five percent on their purchases within the store. I myself have saved an impressive $27 with my REDcard this year.

I know that doesn’t seem like a lot of money but it sure does go a long way in the dollar section of Target.

Target claims they try to provide the best shopping experience for their customers. In my opinion they absolutely do. Their mission statement makes their intentions very clear.

We fulfill the needs and fuel the potential of our guests. That means making Target your preferred shopping destination in all channels by delivering outstanding value, continuous innovation and exceptional experiences—consistently fulfilling our Expect More. Pay Less.® brand promise.”

Jackson Chirigotis has been employed by Target for a little over two years. He can personally attest to Target being the best place to shop and work.

According to Chirigotis the best part of working for the store is their flexibility with working with the schedule of employees who also are in school. Chirigotis goes on a leave of absence throughout the year to attend college and always has a job waiting for him when he comes back.

Though Chirigotis loves his job at Target, he has some advice to anyone thinking about working at the boundless store.

“Warning to the wise, if you start working at Target, all of your clothing will slowly turn to red and khaki,” Chirigotis said.

Personally those people walking around in red and khaki are like family so I encourage all to apply to spend most of their time in the store and get paid while they’re at it.

If you are ever in the need to stop by Target for a pack of fresh socks, or just a hug from those fluorescent lights be prepared for the best time of your life inside of your local Target. The possibilities are endless of all of the items you can get inside of a Target, or the magic lamp of shopping destinations if you will.

So enjoy those casual strolls up and down the aisles of Target, it’s the kind of alone time everyone deserves surrounded by all of their favorite things.

Heather Tomaszewski
Staff Writer
Published November 4th, 2015