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Big ideas from a little club

The AKD Sociology Club strives to promote sociology through their various events on campus, one in which was the clothing drive on Nov. 5.

There are two- parts to the AKD Sociology Club.

“There is AKD, which is known as Alpha Kappa Delta and it is the sociology honors society. There are certain requirements such as GPA and class level that students have to have in order to be in that society,” Molly George, professor of sociology, said. “There are AKD initiation ceremonies at the end of each year and it is a lifetime membership. They are eligible to receive the AKD journal which is [a] sociology inquiry.”

The second part of the club is the sociology club. This consists of its members promoting social issues through events and meetings on campus throughout the school year.

“The Sociology club itself is for all major and minors. I think our purpose is definitely more social justice advocacy and awareness,” Kristiana Wright, president of AKD Sociology Club, said. “This is my first year as president and this is the first year we have actually started doing things on campus which is exciting.”

There are currently eight members on the roster for the AKD Sociology Club but according to Wright 15-20 students attend their bi-monthly meetings.

“During our meetings we talk about relevant and current social issues,” Alyssa Nunez, vice president of AKD Sociology Club, said in an email interview. “Our officers do not like to be in charge of all discussions so we try to open it up to anything that anyone wants to discuss.”

Wright said most of the events come up during their meetings through sociological discussion. She came up with the idea for a clothing drive when she was cleaning out her closet. She thought it would be a good idea to have everyone clean out their closets and give the clothes to a good cause.

“The AKD Clothing Drive is a way to help others,” Nunez said. “We are asking people to donate clothes that they no longer need or want and we will be taking them to a local Goodwill.”

According to Wright, the AKD Sociology club is not the biggest club on campus but the issues and ideas it promotes are big.

“Our goal this year for sure would be just putting out our name. Letting others know that this isn’t just an honor society,” Wright said. “This is a club where we want to go on and off campus to do events and promote sociology.”

Sociology has many different aspects and the sociology club looks to explore those aspects. They want to learn about social issues and help others in the process.

“What separates the sociology clubs from other clubs on campus is as sociologists we learn how to interrogate the status quo and how not to accept things just by fact,” George said. “That is something that the club really takes seriously in the honors society. We also aren’t an exclusive club, we are open to all majors and all students.”

All students of any major and minor are welcome to attend meetings which are held on the second and fourth Tuesday of each month from 11:30 a.m. – 12:30 p.m. in the CEJ room, Swenson 209. Meetings will consist of discussion about ideas and events that will be happening on campus, holiday parties and movies nights that are consistent with sociological issues happening today.

“If you are interested in that social justice realm or interested in getting involved with something that encompasses a lot of different subjects, sociology is something that can help with that,” Wright said.

Courtney Sooy
Staff Writer
Published November 11th, 2015

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