Senior Social at Cisco’s

For California Lutheran University seniors graduation is quickly approaching, and with graduation comes plenty of stress. Between classes, internships, jobs and the ever-so-daunting future, friends and creating memories are sometimes not a priority.

Cal Lutheran’s Senior Pride Committee put on their Senior Social event on Nov. 12 at Cisco’s Mexican Restaurant, which included free food and prizes in order to give seniors an opportunity to get together.

Dalia Flores is a Senior Pride Committee chair member and helped put on the event. She said the goal was to create an event that brought the class of 2016 together and where seniors could have a good time.

“Senior year is crazy so we wanted to have a place that brought everyone together that was both close to school and where they could relax. It’s a nice break,” Flores said.

The event was held in the restaurant’s patio area where students were offered premium appetizers, but if they wanted to they could purchase any food or drink items off of the menu at their own expense.

Flores wanted it to be more than just food. The Senior Pride Committee wanted to bring awareness to the senior gift. They did this through giving students the opportunity to purchase their senior gift, while also offering raffle prizes like gift cards and Cal Lutheran jackets.

Dylan King, a Cal Lutheran senior and business major, won a raffle prize of a $10 gift card to Cisco’s.

“I was so excited to win, especially because I was the first name called for the night,” King said.

King said that ultimately he was there to socialize with his fellow seniors and had a great time.

“I am a senior and I’m here to celebrate. I am here to eat, drink and be merry with my fellow seniors,” King said.

King said that he has already purchased his senior gift, and said it’s important for students to contribute.

“I have given to the senior gift because not only do they give you free stuff for donating, but I also take a lot of pride in this university. Even after I leave I want to continue the legacy and create the same experience for underclassmen as I had,” King said.

Ariel Coates is the project coordinator for the Cal Lutheran Annual Fund and was in attendance at the Cisco’s Senior Social event. She said that the annual fund and senior gift are critical to not only pay for the highest needs on campus, but also financial aid for future graduating classes. Coates said she is taking every opportunity she can to promote the necessity of the Annual Fund.

“The Annual Fund is important because there’s a 15 percent gap that tuition doesn’t cover. A lot of people don’t know this. If we did not have donations, student tuition would be much higher and many students wouldn’t receive scholarships,” Coates said.

She said that a portion of the Annual Fund is collected from senior donations through the Senior Gift. She takes opportunities to come to senior events, like the Senior Social at Cisco’s because either students can donate there, or she can at least bring awareness to the annual fund. She said it’s important that seniors give their senior gift because future Cal Lutheran students depend on it.

“Seniors should give to the annual fund because they want to ensure their underclassmen will have the same experience that they had. It promotes that it’s never too early to start giving back,” Coates said.

Flores said that other events will be available throughout the year and seniors should attend. Where future events will be are still in the planning stages.

“They should go because it’s our last year. It’s the last time to get together with our class and it’s a fun environment. Food is free and it’s off campus, so it’s something a little different but great for seniors to get together,” Flores said.

Mary Callaway
Staff Writer
Published November 18th, 2015