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    How easy it is to eat on campus

    We all know that the food on campus has been easy to those wanting to eat on the run, share it with someone, or to just gorge themselves, but compared to other college campuses, how easy is it to get to?

    New additions to our selection have only proved to modernize our campus compared to what we had in 2009. Tapingo was a still a relatively new feature and the place to get an absurd amount of food was the cafeteria. Those who lived in the freshman dorms at the golden age of the cafeteria often found how easy it was to get bite on campus.

    At Cal Lutheran, getting food is something that seems like a trip and a half if you live anywhere remotely far from Ullman or the centrum. Walking with friends is usually the routine seen around eating times, with groups leaving with bananas in their hands if they remember their potassium levels on leaving the commons.

    Way back when food on campus was the Centrum, cafeteria, Jamba Juice and the always-missed Mogen Mart, it was somewhat spread-out. However given our relatively small size compared to many other college campuses, it does not really pay to have much more than a working pair or legs.

    It also helps that most of the options around campus are within reach if walking is your preference. Much like a human body, the spine is where life finds a way, and in Cal Lutherans โ€œspine,โ€ food and drink find a way as well.

    However with the new Ullman Commons, our dining services have come up to a level comparable to a larger area with a respective larger student population.

    For those who find their way around campus besides using their legs, having a skateboard makes getting food even easier. For example, the Ullman Commons and Ullman To-Go have a rack in which students can lock their skateboards or other modes of conveyance.

    Now with the Ullman Commons getting some experience under its belt, the modernization of our food services can now accommodate even the hungriest of eaters.

    A student, or basically anyone with $15 can get food on campus for a short amount of time compared to eating off campus according to Cal Lutheranโ€™s website. With the dizzying amount of sandwich configurations, it can be easy to lose your attention spam. (Not a typo)

    However on campuses outside of Cal Lutheran, food is a completely different story. Cal Lutheran has two main stream food services, Jamba Juice and Starbucks, however many other college campuses have a large assortment of fast food and high quality dining services.

    For instance, Chapman University in Orange County is accustomed to services like Qdoba and Einstein bagels. While these vendors are not exactly the most sought after food on earth nor does Cal Lutheran desperately need these, it does allow a new perspective on what it means to eat like a college student.

    โ€œI heard at TCU (Texas Christian University) they have a Chick Fil A right on campus. What do I have to pay to get that?โ€ senior Alex Simmons said.

    What is being said here is not a slight against what we have at Cal Lutheran, more what it is that makes Cal Lutheran unique in its different properties as an institution.

    What other universities have is not of concern, how Cal Lutherans Kingsmen and Regals use their facilities while they are here, is. From the integration Tapingo came an entirely unprecedented style of ordering and with it came many new accommodations like Starbucks and the Ullman facilities.

    What I have come to like about Cal Lutheran is its ability to please a majority of the people without completely transforming the way we live. And food is a large part of that ease of living.

    Connor McKinney
    Staff Writer
    Published February 29th, 2016