Driving toward golf equality

The golf world is often difficult to appeal to both men and women because it is mainly a male dominated sport. Women have become more active in watching and playing golf in recent years but not quite at the same level as men. But what if there was a way to appeal to everyone when it comes to watching professional golf?

I think the best way to achieve this would be to combine the professional men and professional women in a tournament to compete in two person teams in order to see who the best dynamic duo is while playing for money that will be donated to a charity of the winner’s choice.

Here’s how this idea could become a reality. First, the top 100 players from both the men and women’s side would compete in a qualifying round and the top 50 players from each side with the lowest scores at the end of the day will get to play in the co-ed tournament. Then, they will be randomly matched into their pairs and will travel to Georgia to compete at Augusta National Golf Club, which is known for its history and prestige in the golf world for the past 82 years.

Because men and women do not hit the ball the same distance, the tees will be adjusted so that on their approach shot, each player will have around the same distance into the green if they hit their first shots well.

In order to incorporate the team dynamic, the format will be “best ball.” An article on Golfsmith described the basic best ball rules as, “you and your partner play your own golf balls on each hole and at the completion of each hole, the two of you select your lowest stroke total and that becomes your team’s official score.”

This format will not only test the players’ skills individually, but as a duo as well, as both players are trying to put up their best score possible for their team.

The fun part about this tournament would be the fact that the men and women are playing in a format that has never been played before in professional golf.

There could be match ups of Tiger Woods and Michelle Wei or Jordan Spieth and Paula Creamer, which would make the excitement that much greater. However, the best part would be that the reason all these amazing players are coming together is to ultimately better the world through the donation of their winnings to a charity of their choice.

By participating in this tournament, players could donate to St. Jude’s for cancer research or Red Cross for disaster relief and so on. It is important for fans of the game, children especially, to see their favorite players doing what they love to make a difference in the world.

This tournament would have the potential for both players to do what they love for a good cause and for viewers to see their favorite players working together to do so.

McKay Weiler
Staff Writer
Published March 2nd, 2016