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    Bobbi Kristina’s autopsy report released

    According to the BBC website, medical records are showing Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston’s daughter, died from immersion in water and drug intoxication.

    Brown died July 26 at age 22 on hospice after being found unresponsive in a bath six months prior, BBC said.

    The Fulton County Medical Examiners office in Atlanta, Georgia concluded cannabis, alcohol and sedation drugs were involved in her death.

    BBC released a statement from the office saying the death of Brown was not due to natural causes and it can be determined whether the death was intentional or accidental and they are classifying it as accidental.

    Paul Howard, district attorney, said the investigation of Bobbi Kristina Brown will continue.

    Knife found in OJ Simpson’s backyard

    CNN reported the Los Angeles police are testing a knife that was found on OJ Simpson’s old property.

    Captain Andrew Neiman said they are treating the knife as evidence although he is not sure why it was not submitted to investigators years ago.

    CNN reported that many years ago a construction worker gave an off-duty police officer the knife in which he kept, assuming the case was closed.

    NBC news reported the knife was a utility knife, which does not match with the knife used in the crime.

    Although the knife is being tested as evidence, Simpson cannot be prosecuted again for murder CNN said.

    Kendrick Lamar releases eight-track album

    BBC reported that rapper Kendrick Lamar dropped an eight-track album that consist of outtakes from his album “To Pimp A Butterfly,” which won a Grammy.

    BBC said LeBron James could be the one to thank for this surprise album since he tweeted Lamar’s record label insisting they release the untitled tracks Lamar recorded from 2013-2016.

    BBC reported the album is called “Untitled Unmastered” and all the tracks are untitled.

    The album is available on all major streaming music services, said BBC.

    BBC said Lamar was the most nominated artist at the most recent Grammys, where he was nominated in 11 categories.

    Megan Blackburn
    Staff Writer
    Published March 9th, 2016