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Major Regret

When it comes to college, why rush it? Life already moves by much faster than any of us would wish. If you don’t have a general idea of what you want to do in life, it’s better to take time, step back and truly think about what you want to pursue.

It is true that you don’t have to pursue a career in what you major in but wouldn’t you feel much better about small fortune you spent on your education if that money was directly going towards your future, not to just get you a diploma.

The college experience is different for everyone. Some know exactly what it is they want to study, while others go into it with the mindset that ‘“it’s okay to change your major, everyone does.”’ Which is true in some sense, but at some point it’s too late to continue to change your mind.

College is not only extremely expensive, it is also a huge commitment and most importantly it has the ability to shape your future.

Here I am, a junior, communications major, about to head into my senior year and I continuously think, “wow, I don’t want to pursue anything about my major after I graduate.”

Though most appear to be content with their area of study I can’t help but imagine, there aren’t other students out there who feel the same way.

At one point I found myself just going through the motions and not realizing that what I am doing now is impacting the rest of my life. So should I have taken time in between high school and college to explore my passions? Probably.

According to, California Lutheran University has a first year retention rate, or the amount of students who return back to school for their sophomore year of 82 percent. This means 18 percent of Cal Lutheran students after freshman year either transfer schools or simply drop out.

Of those 18 percent, I’m sure some jumped into University because they thought it was the next step after high school. They probably didn’t expect to only stay for one year.

Cal Lutheran also has a large population of transfer students. Those students whether transferring from a junior college or a different 4-year university have a foot above those of us who are unsure of why we chose the major we did.

Not only did they likely save money they also had years of experience in a different setting that pushed them to discover what they wanted to major in. After knowing, they made the jump into a 4-year institution where they could delve into their educational goals.

Eighteen is a young age to be deciding what you want to do in life. Some people know since a young age due to parental influence or other influences and as for those people I am envious.

“We feel a social influence from others around us that have plans to attend University. Everyone asks where are you going to college? Instead of what are your passions? What makes you happy?” Cal Lutheran alumni and business owner Grant Kellog said.

Kellog attended a university in South Dakota on a full ride for basketball. After one year he transferred to Cal Lutheran, where he studied business for a year but ultimately decided to pursue his dreams instead of attend University.

Everyone finds their own purpose in life and whether that is through college or simply pursuing your dreams elsewhere, I believe waiting before jumping into University is not a bad idea.

College is a huge commitment and you don’t want to graduate with any feeling of regret and waste in terms of money. So before you leap into a 4-year university I believe it’s best to take the time you need to discover your passions and career ambitions. Kellog said experiences in the real world are the ultimate education.

“Yes, you can learn a lot in college and I did, but I’ve learned so much more being out of college.”

Lydia Snodderly
Staff Writer
Published April 13, 2016

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