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    Donate and Pick Up a Pumpkin

    California Lutheran University receives donations through their annual fund, according to Ariel Coates, adviser of Cal Lutheran’s Philanthropy Student Council. Alumni, family, friends and students donate to provide students with everything they need to receive a higher education such as scholarships, books, lab equipment and new technologies.

    The Philanthropy Student Council wants to thank all students who have donated their class gift with a pumpkin drive Oct. 26 and Oct. 28 from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Students who have donated or would like to donate can join them and receive a free pumpkin.

    “I think it’s important for students to give because of the generosity of donors who have allowed us to be here and have allowed us the opportunities to continue that trend on for not only ourselves currently but for future students as well,” Chair of the Philanthropy Student Council Heather Chandler said.

    According to Gabby Sainz, a member of the Philanthropy Student Council, a student’s class gift is a different amount depending on the year the student is. Freshmen donate $5, sophomores donate $10, juniors donate $15 and seniors donate $20.17, their graduation year.

    According to Chandler, they will have a list of those who have already donated but they also welcome those who would like to make their donations that day.

    “I love seeing students on campus carrying around their pumpkins. It really just shows how widespread the annual fund is growing among students who are giving to it. It’s almost a self-advertising event. Students see pumpkins and say ‘what’s that for’ and then they join in it as well,” Chandler said.

    According to Coates, this will be the sixth year Philanthropy Student Council has hosted their annual pumpkin drive and each year the donation amount they receive from this event has surpassed the last.

    Philanthropy Student Council encourages students to give to the annual fund. Not only will the money help provide for the university’s needs but it also gives back to the students.

    “It is important to support the school that is supporting you. Because a great amount goes to student scholarships it is important for students to give because then they are contributing to that and the school already gives so much to you, so by giving you’re also doing your part,” Sainz said.

    On both days, students who have not already given their class gift can come to the table on the spine and fill out a form. They will need to fill out their name, class year, give their donation via cash, card or check, and will receive a complimentary pumpkin. The table will also provide students with decorating supplies to get students into the Halloween spirit.

    “If you donate, now you don’t have to go out and buy a pumpkin, you get one to decorate Halloween weekend and we will have decorating supplies as well, so we can have a little bit of fun,” Chandler said.

    Students who wish to donate money before the event can give money online at They can also come to the Annual Fund office located in the Pederson Administration building and drop off their gift there. Students who already have a pledge card can donate their gift through mail.

    Philanthropy Student Council also hosts Philanthropy Phriday’s once a month where students can donate as well.  According to Chandler, all gifts/donations are welcome. If students are unable to donate the amount of their class gift, Philanthropy Student Council appreciates all donations.

    Maryssa Rillo
    Staff Writer