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    Minute to Win It Spurs Big Laughs

    You have 60 seconds on the clock and two balloons to keep in the air, do you think you can win it?

    On Nov. 9 at 7 p.m., Victoria Lahney, a junior at California Lutheran University, brought the popular “Minute to Win it” games to the Student Union. Students competed against each other, and the clock in a variety of games with the hope of winning one of the prizes.

    According to Lahney, the Student Union first hosted this event during Labor Day weekend, and they had a great turn out so they decided to re-do the event with hopes of another successful event for the students.

    Everyone involved was laughing and joking as they raced against the clock. There were five activities that tested different skills and abilities.

    First was the “Cookie Face Game,” which is where participants started with an Oreo on their forehead and without using their hands had to get the cookie into their mouth.

    The second game was the “Cotton Ball Scoop,” which seemed to be a crowd favorite. Participants were seated in a chair, blindfolded and had to scoop cotton balls from one bowl to another with only a spoon.

    Freshman Darrell Hicks thought the cotton ball gamewas tough, but his friend Ana Dominguez said it was definitely her favorite.

    The participants seemed most confused during this game because they could not feel the weight of the cotton balls and sometimes they were not moving anything but the spoon itself.

    The third game was “Stack Attack.” The participants must de-stack, restack and then de-stack all 21 cups before the buzzer goes off. This seemed easiest, as nearly all participants were able to beat the clock.

    “One of the events that we are having, which is ‘Defying Gravity,’ is a little difficult but I think it is going to be really fun to watch,” said Blake Parham, a Student Union front desk worker.

    The game did not disappoint, according to the participants. It quickly became one of the favorites. “Defying Gravity” is where each participant has two balloons, and they must keep it afloat throughout 60 seconds. Few players were able to complete this successfully, while others generally lost within the first 30 seconds.

    Abbi Howard, another front desk worker, managed to go up and down a few stairs while still being able to complete the challenge.

    The final activity required participants to work in pairs. One participant stood across the room from their partner with the goal of tossing as many marshmallows into their partner’s cup as possible. This game required great hand-eye coordination. After a couple of rounds, the participants were challenged with tossing candy corn instead, which needed a soft touch or else the candy would bounce out.

    Each player got a raffle ticket, and each winner got an extra ticket. Raffle tickets were pulled throughout the night to give away the prizes.

    “The prizes that were given away were a Hydroflask, a polaroid, a finals survival kit, a few Cal Lutheran planners, Muvico tickets and some other things like that,” Lahney said.

    Every participant won at least one prize, while some lucky participants won two raffles.

    If you are interested in future Student Union events, they are posted on The HUB and the Student Union’s Instagram @callutheran_studentunion. They are always open to suggestions, so stop by the Student Union and let them know if you have an event in mind.

    Makenna Pellerin
    Staff Writer