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    Muslim Life Coordinator to Start This Month

    California Lutheran University has hired Anna Torres-Zeb as the Muslim life coordinator starting in April. This is a first for the university.

    Pastor Scott Maxwell-Doherty, said the hiring process itself had been going on for about two years, since Campus Ministry had sought to fill the vacancy in their office. This led to a campus-wide survey process about what the people interviewed thought Campus Ministry could improve on. Maxwell-Doherty said he didnโ€™t just want to fill that empty position. He said he wanted to get a real benefit out of the position.

    โ€œWe could just replace who left [the vacant] office, but thatโ€™s just a one-for-one, and itโ€™s not that it wouldnโ€™t be beneficial, itโ€™s just one-for-one,โ€ Maxwell-Doherty said. โ€œMy direct connection, in terms of funding [for one position], happens to be the vice president for Mission and Identity, that would be Melissa [Maxwell-Doherty], and in terms of budget stuff, she was able to cobble enough money for us to be able to hire a half-time person [as the coordinator of Muslim life].โ€

    Maxwell-Doherty explained that since Torres-Zeb hadย  previously worked as Coordinator for Muslim Life at Elon University in North Carolina, the job was almost like a continuation of her former position.

    โ€œThis is not a new rodeo for her,โ€ Maxwell-Doherty said. โ€œThis is, in her words, she gets to continue some โ€˜unfinished workโ€™ for her in her own soul. That she had a grand experience at Elon, and now this door opened, and she said, โ€˜Oh, man, how cool would this be if I get to do this again?โ€™โ€

    Assistant professor of religion Rose Aslan was also on the committee involved in hiring Torres-Zeb. Aslan was the one who suggested that the position be created at Cal Lutheran.

    โ€œI realized I was organizing a lot of activities having to do with Muslims, and I was doing events with Rabbi Belle, for example, but then I realized that I didnโ€™t have enough time to do all this. [Torres-Zebโ€™s] job was to do this, my job was actually to teach and to do other things,โ€ Aslan said. โ€œSo I realized we really needed someone to be doing that side of things from the universityโ€™s ministry.โ€

    Aslan said that Torres-Zeb would probably work closely with the newly-revived Muslim Student Association as a sort of guiding and supporting hand in the organization, and Aslan also hopes that Torres-Zeb will teach a weekly class.

    โ€œAnother big factor speaks to the mission of Cal Lutheran, of interfaith activities,โ€ Aslan said. โ€œTheyโ€™re probably going to start looking at the calendar to see what holidays correspond and parallel and [have] similar weeks, and hopefully coordinate some kind of event that celebrates several religious holidays [at once].โ€

    Nighat Shah, administrative assistant of International Student Services & Multicultural Programs and another person involved in hiring Torres-Zeb, was appreciative of the fact that Cal Lutheran had hired a Muslim life coordinator.

    โ€œThis [is a] very large step, and I think itโ€™s like building bridges around us, and I could never have imagined that it would happen, but Iโ€™m very happy and very grateful to everyone involved in the decision,โ€ Shah said.

    Shah said the timing of Cal Lutheranโ€™s decision to hire a Muslim life coordinator could not have been better. It is important it was that Torres-Zeb was hired now.

    โ€œI think this is the perfect time for this step,โ€ Shah said. โ€œI donโ€™t think [there] was any better time for this to happen. The whole concept changes from a Lutheran institution [into] a diverse institution that cares about their students.โ€

    First-year chemistry major, president of the Muslim Students Association and Nighat Shahโ€™s daughter Sana Shah said that the hiring of Torres-Zeb is a great step towards diversity.

    โ€œ[The hiring of Torres-Zeb] plays a big role in [the university, since] we have a Jewish chaplain [Belle Michael], we have [Scott and Melissa Maxwell-Doherty], so itโ€™s an amazing opportunity for us all to work together and have different events,โ€ Sana Shah said.

    As for the timing of Torres-Zebโ€™s hiring, Sana Shah said, โ€œbetter late than never.โ€

    โ€œIโ€™m not offended at all that it didnโ€™t happen before, thatโ€™s not my concept at all. What Iโ€™m thinking about is present times, and [the fact] that it has happened,โ€ Sana Shah said.

    Henry Studebaker
    Staff Writer