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Rep Watch Falls Short in Arizona, Company to Launch in May

Rep Watch, a California Lutheran University startup, competed at the Arizona State University Innovation Open this past weekend for a grand prize of $100,000 to fund the company’s launch.

Rep Watch is a startup company that is geared toward enhancing physical therapy experiences. The Rep Watch is a compression sleeve that counts the number of flexes in your joints, which then is counted on an app, Rep Watch Co-founder John Ikudaisi said.

Rep Watch Co-Founder Robert Kyler said that Rep Watch did not win the Innovation Open but are still planning to launch next month in May 2017.

“We were hoping to launch May 13, but it may be closer to May 26 due to these bumps in the road,” Kyler said.

According to the ASU Innovation Open website, a winner of the grand prize was selected from the finalists April 2 in person by Title and Co-Sponsor judges.

Kyler said that there were four teams and a judging panel of four. Teams had presentations and then a seven-minute question and answer session, and from there the judges deliberated and picked two winners, Somatic Labs and Swift Coat.

Ikudaisi said that Rep Watch received a total of 975 votes from the public, which would be used in the instance of a tiebreaker amongst the judges.

“The money would have helped our company survive, but we’re go-getters and can figure it out,” Kyler said.

Kyler also said they are hoping to win at a conference in Texas with a prize of $30,000 happening April 21-23 at Texas Christian University.

Rep Watch mentor Greg Monterrosa also said that the founders were planning to commit to Rep Watch full-time after they graduate.

Ikudaisi said their preliminary launch will include around 100 patients in local hospitals.

“Next month will be our Beta program. On the short term we anticipate being able to connect more data on the recovery process, which will make our user experience much better when we go to market,” Ikudaisi said.

Monterrosa said it has been an inspiring experience to watch the startup grow.

“They are doing so well, I believe they could be making capital by this summer,” Monterrosa said.

Monterrosa also said the founders have done a great job at surrounding themselves with mentors, who have extensive knowledge and networks to help them.

“We want to ensure that we are able to improve healthcare outcome across the whole physical therapy industry. We want to change that difficult process and make Rep Watch the standard in the physical therapy industry,” Ikudaisi said.

Rebecca Austin
Staff Writer

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