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    Still No Answers to Car Break-Ins

    It has been over three weeks since Campus Safety at California Lutheran University sent an email to the campus community with the subject, “Crime Alert,” informing them of multiple vehicle break-ins. As of April 5, they have yet to report any new information.

    According to Thousand Oaks Police records, the break-ins were classified as a felony: second degree burglary from a vehicle.

    Over three weeks ago, Cal Lutheran’s Crime Report had the incident reported as a “Burglary from a Motor Vehicle,” with the status of “not reportable.”

    Media Relations Manager Karin Grennan said in an email interview that there are surveillance cameras in the area, but they did not capture anything. They were blocked by trees which have since been scheduled for trimming.

    The email sent March 15 began in all capital letters, “CLU ALERT multiple vehicles had been broken into by someone smashing a window on each vehicle.”

    The event occurred in the Trinity Hall parking lot. The Thousand Oaks  Police Department was contacted and a police report was to be filed.

    In an email, Director of Campus Safety David Hilke said that four cars were involved in the break in. They received the initial report around 8:40 a.m. March 15 and said that the incident happened between March 14 at 9:45 p.m. and March 15 at 8:40 a.m.

    Hilke said Campus Safety initially responded to the Trinity Hall parking lot to gather information of a vehicle that had its window smashed.

    “In effort to determine if this was an isolated incident or not, Campus Safety performed a visual search of the area and identified three additional vehicles that received damage,” Hilke said in an email  interview March 15.

    After conducting a search in other residential parking lots, Hilke said they came to the conclusion that there were no  additional vehicles damaged.

    When asked March 15 to speak in person with Hilke or the sheriff on duty for further information, the front desk clerk responded that Hilke had denied the request.

    In an email sent to Hilke March 27 regarding the status of the crime and if there was any further information gathered to report to the community, Hilke did not reply.

    On April 3 another email was sent reaching out to Hilke questioning the status of the report and again if there was any information that could update the Cal Lutheran community.

    “There is nothing new to report at this time,” Hilke said.

    On April 6, Campus Safety was again asked the reasoning for the hold up on the investigations and if they were still waiting for the police department to report to them.  An employee of Campus Safety said she could not answer any questions and to contact Hilke who would not be available for assistance until April 10. 

    On March 15 Campus Safety said they were unable to speak in person regarding the matter because it was still an ongoing investigation.

    Three weeks later, the Crime Report still classifies this incident as “not reportable.”

    Campus Safety is still not participating in any interviews to update the community as the crime remains an ongoing investigation.

    Maryssa Rillo
    Staff Writer