Imperfect Instagram

How many of you constantly Internet stalk Instagram-famous people? Instagram models, or “instafamous” people post daily pictures of their perfect bodies and lifestyles, causing insecurities in our generation.

Instagram-famous people have tens of thousands to millions of followers. As people gain fans, companies begin to pay the Instagram posters to promote them. Instagram users follow these popular profiles hoping to mimic what they see.

“I have to be careful about the photos I post. Followers get annoyed if you post something low-quality or something that doesn’t match what they’re used to. They follow you expecting the most aesthetically pleasing content, so I always try to provide that,” said senior Adam Santa Cruz, who has almost 15,000 followers on Instagram.

Everyone who posts pictures on Instagram obviously posts the best picture that they can. It is impossible to look like some of these people, because those people don’t even look like that.

This “perfection” is causing our generation to believe that attractiveness and beauty is what they see on these profiles. People have lives beyond what they post about online.

According to, “Posting a single Instagram picture makes more money than almost a whole week’s work, according to one business savvy model.”

Instagram-famous people don’t post about the struggles that they have in their lives. They don’t talk about the bad day that they just had. They don’t talk about their most recent breakup. These people are paid to post happy and over -the-top posts.

“I get direct messages all the time from people saying they’re jealous of my life, but I think it’s funny because I’m just a normal person. I’m a full-time student, I have an internship, I work part-time at a juice shop. “What people see on social media doesn’t always translate into what real life is like,” Santa Cruz said.

These people have feelings just like us. They have lives and we can admire them, but we shouldn’t feel bad about ourselves for not being like them, or being perfect.

Dakota Himmelman
Staff Writer