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    Res Halls Donate To Aid Harvey Victims

    Throughout the month of September, California Lutheran  University residence halls are competing in a penny war to raise money and awareness for the victims of Hurricane Harvey.

    Hurricane Harvey hit Texas on Aug. 25 and went on to devastate many areas in the southern part of the state and parts of Louisiana until Sept. 2, according to Fox News.

    As of Sept. 6, there have been at least 70 fatalities and 203,000 damaged homes as a result of the category 4 hurricane.

    Residential students can give their change to the Resident Assistants in their hall. Staff, faculty, and students living off campus can donate online, in the chapel, or in the Residence Life and Student Conduct office located next to Mt. Clef Hall.

    The fundraiser for victims started on Sept. 1 and will continue through Sept. 30.

    Andy Hanson is the Senior Coordinator for Residence Life and Student Conduct and supervises Trinity Hall. He came up with the idea to use a penny war between residence halls as a fundraiser for Hurricane Harvey victims.

    “This is a great opportunity to rally your hall to win a competition within a spirit of generosity,” Hanson said in an email interview.

    Hanson said the decision to raise money with a penny war rather than a simple fundraiser was made because it “reminds people that even pennies can count toward making a difference.”

    At the end of the penny wars, the proceeds will be split equally, with 25 percent donated to each of the four chosen organizations supporting Hurricane Harvey relief: American Red Cross, Lutheran Disaster Response, Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund and Houston Food Bank.

    Hanson said the Houston Food Bank is directly donating to those in Houston and the Hurricane Harvey Relief Fund was chosen for its connection to the Mayor of Houston.

    Lutheran Disaster Response was Pastor Scott Maxwell-Doherty’s idea because of the school’s Lutheran traditions and connections.

    Alma Zepeda, a first time resident assistant for Mt. Clef Hall, said she predicts there will be a lot of support for the fundraiser, “especially because it’s something that we can all easily participate in.”

    In Mt. Clef Hall, the resident assistants are going to set an example for their residents by being the first to donate their own loose change to the cause.

    “I hope that there is a good outcome from this and I’m glad it’s a competition because I think it does create more incentive for everybody,” Zepeda said.

    South Hall’s Senior Resident Assistant Hannah Karzin said some Cal Lutheran students from Houston and other parts of Texas “have even been delayed in their coming to Cal Lutheran because of the hurricane.”

    The idea for this fundraiser was inspired by a penny wars fundraiser that Hanson experienced as an undergraduate after the Haiti earthquake in 2010.

    “Our goal is to raise as much money as we can for hurricane relief with the hope of uniting our campus through service,” Hanson said in an email interview.

    Karzin said Cal Lutheran is a very loving community and that the Lutheran background creates a good atmosphere for this type of outreach.

    Zepeda said most students seem to have awareness and are informed about the hurricane. They feel empathy for the victims of the natural disaster.

    The money raised by the halls will be counted at the end of each week and the final total will be calculated and revealed at the beginning of October.

    Rissa Gross