Goodbye Fall Holiday

The first week of school was definitely a rough start. Due to power issues on campus and a major heat wave, all California Lutheran University classes got cancelled on Friday, Sept. 1.

“We will be holding the cancelled Friday, September 1, classes on the Fall Holiday, October 6,” Cal Lutheran President Chris Kimball said in an email to the student body.

Given these unexpected circumstances, the decision to cancel the fall holiday was the best option available. We need to view this decision as a positive one. Our holiday was not cancelled, it just came early.

Other options to make up these hours included staying later at the end of the semester or holding classes a different day. Neither of these were a good idea. Staying later would have pushed back final exams, resulting in a longer semester. Holding classes a different day would have been impossible due to students having different schedules and other commitments.

According to Leanne Neilson, provost and vice president for academic affairs, the decision was agreed upon by Cal Lutheran’s emergency operations committee. This group met several times during the whole power outage to discuss major decisions and updates.

It is expected that some would not agree with this decision. The cancellation of this holiday did result in some push back from students.

“I understand why they want to cancel the fall holiday to make up for that Friday, but what will it really change? The first week of classes is mostly getting to know the professors, talking about the syllabus, etc.,” Cal Lutheran senior Becca Callahan said.

Every hour does count. Even if a class doesn’t seem productive or important one day, those hours of class time are still required.

As an accredited university, Cal Lutheran is required to follow “Carnegie hours” set in place by the department of education. Students would have had to make up these classes one way or another, so why not build it into the schedule instead of extending the semester?

Although this situation was not ideal, Cal Lutheran made a decision that was best for everyone. Our education is at the forefront, and that is most important.


Bridget Sjolie