Don’t Buy Dogs

Dogs have frequently been labelled as “man’s best friend,” but for some reason a lot of dogs are abandoned every year and left in pounds and shelters. People need to adopt these dogs rather than buy them from stores.

My family has had many dogs throughout my lifetime, and the ones that we have adopted have always had a special effect on us. They grow to be part of the family and it creates a wonderful atmosphere of love and appreciation.

Brittany Vizcarra is the Assistant Manager of Paw Works located in the Thousand Oaks mall. Paw works is a nonprofit animal rescue that specializes in rescuing dogs and getting them adopted. In 2017 alone, Paw Works has had over 860 dogs rescued, with a 97 percent adoption rate. According to Vizcarra, many animals, dogs especially, are abused daily and go through grave conditions before they are rescued.

“Every single day they look in your eyes and appreciate that you essentially saved their life. You can clearly see that they are gaining a new trust in humanity, and you are helping them for the better,” Vizcarra said.

On Sept. 11, 2017, a report posted on People’s website included information regarding the aftermath of Hurricane Irma and its effects on dogs. In the meantime, staff are rescuing these animals, but need foster and adoption help, as the facility already houses more than 100 pets.

Clearly the pounds and shelters around natural disaster areas are becoming incredibly congested. These dogs, who were previously treated as family members, do not understand what is going on and simply want a place of comfort. I don’t believe that a person should purchase a dog, especially in cases like this.

California Lutheran University junior Amanda Souza who is currently studying abroad this semester has always chosen to adopt dogs with her family rather than purchase them. They currently own a Pitbull and Labrador Retriever mix named Macy.

“Knowing that you are able to give a lonely animal a home is one of the best feelings,” Souza said in an email interview.

I have heard people make every excuse possible to refrain from adopting.

“People think that all dogs are put up for adoption because they’re dangerous or because something is wrong with them. But if you really look at the statistics, that’s not true at all. And there are so many good reputable adoption agencies out there that really care about the animals and families, Souza said

There are so many positive lifelong consequences to adopting. People really need to think before getting a dog and adopt, not buy.

Krystal Rhaburn