War of the Wests comes to Cal Lutheran

Senior resident assistants Hannah Karzin and Stephanie Fallon have planned the War of the Wests resident hall competition that will take place Friday, March 2 at 5 p.m. on the Mogen Patio of California Lutheran University.

“We wanted to bring together the two communities that we lived in this year, Old West and New West,” Fallon said.

War of the Wests is a residence hall competition with seven activities: Cal Lutheran trivia, volleyball, potato sack relay races, a science experiment, blindfolded painting, finish the lyric and create a poem. Each event will be worth 10 points.

“We chose them based off majors. We thought the history majors would like trivia. There’s a science experiment for our science majors. We have a lot of art majors and scholarship recipients, so that’s why we chose blindfold painting and finish the lyrics,” Fallon said.

Mogen resident Sofie St. John said that she was interested in War of the Wests because of Fallon’s involvement.

“Stephanie is awesome. She’s very great at making me excited about things that I didn’t think I could get excited about,” St. John said. “She’s a great RA that helps to get everyone involved in what’s going on.”

St. John said that the science experiment is what she looks forward to most at the War of the Wests.

“That one sounds very intriguing. I like how creative they get with all their challenges. I haven’t heard of it, and that makes me want to go,” St. John said.

Fallon said that the science experiment results in a foamy substance, much like a volcano, but calmer.

“We just wanted to find things that would be fun to do and watch. I’m so excited to watch people blindfold paint. I feel like that will be hilarious,” Karzin said.

In addition to pizza and a snack-dessert bar, there will also be a prize for the West that wins.

“We ordered a trophy and we will be posting it on the Facebook page when it arrives. It’s for whoever gets the most points,” Fallon said. “They will get a trophy on their front desk that says, ‘War of the Wests 2018.’”

Karzin and Fallon will be hosting the event. The two teams will be judged by Graduate Resident Director Andrew Castro and Assistant Director of Residence Life and Student Conduct Salma Loo.

St. John said she encourages fellow Mogen residents to attend the friendly competition.

“It helps you get to know the people in your dorm a lot better, especially because Mogen is pretty big,” St. John said. “We’re getting together to go to one event and we’re all on the same team—really awesome.”

All Cal Lutheran students can sign up on behalf of one of the West Teams: New West or Old West.

“We want everyone to know that it’s not exclusive to Mogen, Old West and New West. Even if people live in other complexes or are commuters, they can sign up,” Fallon said.

Sign-up links can be found on The HUB, Facebook or by contacting Karzin and Fallon through email.

Fallon and Karzin said they encourage all Cal Lutheran students to attend even if they don’t want to participate in an event. There will be a cheering section for those who want to come and watch.

“Our main goal is for this to be a recurring event in the hopes that it gives way to a Cal Lutheran tradition,” Karzin said.

Brandy Alonzo Mayland